DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guardagnino are continuing their Double Shot at Love as the ladies compete for a date with one of the bachelors. Pauly D brings his six-year-old daughter, Amabelle, to meet the girls because he wants to see who would make a good mom. Vinny and Pauly D also tell the girls that two of them are leaving the mansion in a double elimination.  Who won the challenge and who went home on Double Shot at Love episode 9?

Who won the ladies’ challenge on ‘Double Shot at Love’ episode 9?

For the ladies’ challenge this week, the girls began tied up to a giant heart. They had to untangle themselves, and then run over to their suitcase. The suitcase had a relationship issue written on it, handpicked by the boys. Once they open the luggage, they will find a key inside that unlocks the chastity belt around their waist. The winner receives a one-on-one spa date with the bachelor of their choosing.

Marissa Lucchese’s baggage read trust issues, and Alysse Joyner is too shy. The boys feel that Suzi Baidya is afraid of being real and that Holly Gurbisz lives in a fairytale. Derryn Paige’s baggage claimed she is immature and Elle Wilson also struggles with trust issues. They said Maria Elizondo has unhealed emotional wounds and Nikki Hall suffers from abandonment issues. Brittnay Dawson’s baggage said she is afraid of taking a risk because she has a child.

Nikki beat the other girls by a long shot and picked Pauly D for the spa date. While on the spa date, Pauly D admitted to having a genuine connection with Nikki, but still wants to get to know everyone else. And, he doesn’t see the craziness in her the other girls claim to witness.

Did DJ Pauly D bring his daughter to meet the girls on ‘Double Shot at Love’ episode 9?

Pauly D hires a little girl to pretend to be his six-year-old daughter, Amabelle because he wants to make sure the woman he chooses is good with kids. Vinny wants to see a woman that will make a good mother to their potential future children one day.

While the little girl is hanging out with the contestants, Pauly D and Vinny are talking to her through an earpiece and feeding her bratty things to say. She commented on Derryn’s age, saying she looked 58 years old.

The bachelors admit at the end of the play date that she is not his child. While all the girls laughed, Holly said in the confessional that she was a little upset it was not Amabelle.

Who went home on ‘Double Shot at Love’ episode 9?

Pauly D and Vinny tell the women that two of them, instead of the usual one, will be leaving in cabs at the end of the night. Holly and Marissa were in the first bottom two, and they decided to send Holly home. The boys carried her bags downstairs to the taxi and explained they saw her more like a family member than a girlfriend.

Alysse and Brittnay were next in the bottom two. While Vinny and Alysse did spend time cuddling on the couch together, he feels she is still too shy. Pauly D said Brittnay needs to be more aggressive when it comes to spending time with each other. Ultimately, the boys decided to keep both girls around instead of following through with the elimination.

Next week, they are taking the top seven girls on a private jet to a DJ Pauly D gig in Texas. They are also flying to Staten Island and visiting Vinny’s favorite pizza restaurant as well as his dog.

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