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EastEnders' Dana Monroe looks set to be killed off in upcoming episodes, as she prepared to head to the Mosque along with boyfriend Bobby Beale.

Fans are predicting her tragic death after BBC bosses confirmed a far-right terrorism plot will take place this New Year, with Islamophobic group member Aaron Munroe dead set against a new Mosque being built in Albert Square.

In Tuesday night's episode, Dana donned a headscarf as she prepared to head to the mosque, though her family were less than pleased by the developments.

Dana's brother Aaron sternly warned his sister off going, as he fumed: "That's her life down the Khazi, then. Happy New Year. Dad, next thing we know she's going to be wearing a bin bag and walking 20 paces behind him!"

In the cafe, Aaron discussed his evil plans with gang leader Neil, explaining: "I can't wait to torch that curry house."

But Neil quickly suggested: "A poxy fire ain't gonna cut it. We need to up the ante. I've been doing some research on explosives. Blow the place up."

He assured Aaron that the building would be empty, but added: "There ain't no war without casualties."

Turning to Twitter, fans of the show couldn't help but worry for Dana's fate with Aaron growing increasingly threatening.

One fan theorised: "I think Aaron will plant a bomb in the new mosque accidentally killing Dana #EastEnders!"

"Crikey, now the dumb b*****d wants to use a bomb. He’s one step away from becoming a terrorist," someone else agreed.

As another fan posted: "So that guy with the computer is gonna bomb the mosque and either put Dana in a coma or kill her #EastEnders."

"Yikes with that bomb building’s scene. I strongly think Dana will be killed by Neil. Which may either cause Aaron to take his anger out on Bobby or Neil. #EastEnders," a fourth echoed.

Another social media user said: "Anyone else think Dana is gonna get caught in the crossfire in #EastEnders?"

Though Aaron clearly had his reservations about the plan, it's looking likely that it will go ahead, with the pair previously conspiring: "Christmas is where we start then. Few people round here that need teaching a thing or two."

Neil added: "How are they going to put a mosque in a build that ain’t there? That’s our statement."

The wannabe killer said: "We’ll take their restaurant – their wannabe Mosque – and we’ll burn it to the ground."

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