EastEnders actor Danny Dyer was allowed to break social distancing rules in order to film his harrowing New Year's Eve storyline.

Danny, 43, plays the role of Mick Carter in the BBC soap and upcoming scenes will see his character contemplate taking his own life on December 31 after "losing all hope".

Danny was allowed to be in close contact with his onscreen wife, played by Kellie Bright, and actress Simone Lahbib – who portrays Katy Lewis.

Mick has been struggling with his mental health for months, pushing his family and friends away while failing to come to terms with the abuse he suffered as a child.

His abuser Katy has also been manipulating him and distorting his thoughts, leaving him feeling as though he can't cope any longer.

Speaking about his recent EastEnders storyline, Danny said: "Mick has been struggling for some time and has reached a point where he has lost all hope.

"He's confused and he's pushed everyone away so he really feels like he's completely alone in the world, so much so he feels that his only option is to end his own life."

The Football Factory actor admitted it has been the "most difficult story he's ever had" and he has found it difficult to film.

"We're filming it at a time with social distancing and it has been difficult but I’m so grateful," he continued.

"I really hope I've done it justice and that someone somewhere can take something from it and maybe speak out about what they’re going through.

"A storyline like this is so important – especially for men and the great thing about highlighting Mick’s story is the impact that it could have on people watching. I hope it shows the importance of talking and reaching out when in need."

Explaining why it was important for him, Kellie and Simone to film the scenes in close contact he said: "I did that with Simone and also with Kellie separately.

"I think the big scene where Mick finally confronts Katy, it needed to be filmed that way so we could organically make it work, instead of the technicalities that come with filming socially distanced.

"It was important that we did those big scenes and we were able to really get in each other’s faces. Mick really needs to express himself about what he's been going through.

He teased: "It's really interesting to see Katy's reaction she sort of gets off on it – it’s like she likes Mick's pain which I think was really clever to show just how nasty the character is."

However, Danny hinted that things could start to look up for Mick as standing up to Katy is a real “turning point” for him.

He said: "It's the turning point in that he finally understands what’s going on and what happened to him when he was a child but he's still got a very, very long journey to go.

"It's certainly the beginning of the end, in terms of him accepting that he was abused and realising why he’s been struggling for so long.

"Mick opening up to other people about it is really an important part of his journey too."

EastEnders continues tonight on BBC One at 8:35pm.

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