It’s all about the arrivals and exits in soapland next week as Jamie Tate’s (Alexander Lincoln) family arrives in Emmerdale and immediately rubs Kim (Claire King) up the wrong way while Coronation Street is saying goodbye to many of its favourites, albeit temporarily.

In Hollyoaks, a new face is causing problems for Harry Thompson (Parry Glasspool) and James Nightgale (Gregory Finnegan) while a familiar face returns to EastEnders – but just is Robbie Jackson (Dean Gaffney) hiding from his family?

In other soapie developments, there’s a double arrest, a massive baby shock, a brand new explosive feud, some overwhelming grief, a confession, a love cheat, a major decision, an ultimatum, the sparks of romance and a horrific accusation.


1. When Stacey realises what Kush’s intentions are towards having joint custody with Arthur, she turns on Kat and blames her before telling her that she is no longer part of the family – and Jean and Mo are shocked by how quickly the feud escalates.

2. Louise is disgusted with Phil when he tells her that she should have a termination and he will pay for it – and she soon turns the tables on him. But he has another idea and deploys Ben to try and show Louise how hard being a parent is.

3. Robbie is back in the fold and he has brought Sami with him much to the delight of Sonia, who enjoys spending time with them both. But when Robbie ignores texts fron Nita and is caught lying by Sonia, it’s clear that he is holding something back.

4. Callum is concerned to find a solemn looking Ben sitting alone in Paul’s old room and a sad Ben opens up to him, reminiscing about the man he loved. But when Callum broaches the subject the next day again, Ben snaps at him.

5. Honey tries to tell Billy that she is moving in with Adam but he doesn’t react like she thought and instead blurts out that Adam is cheating on her. As Honey reels, she puts it down to Billy just trying to break them apart.

6. As Linda worries about Ollie’s behaviour, Mick decides she needs a treat and so enters a competition to win Spice Girls tickets – however he is pipped to the post at the last minute. But all is not lost as he determines to track down the winner.

7. Mariam gives Iqra food for thought when she admits that she does not intend to go through with the arranged marriage.

Coronation Street

8. Nick continues to try and get David to take the blame for the theft and before long, the brothers are placed under arrest. When David learns that Nick has pinned it all on him, he decides to be honest with the police about who really stole the money.

9. Sarah tells Gary that she is not ready to give him another chance but when he sees that she is struggling to pay the wages of the factory staff, he sells the passports from Rick’s office and gives her the money.

10. Dev is at a loss with Asha when she disobeys him and attends a party despite him explicitly telling her not to. As he prepares to head to India to visit his dying uncle, Mary suggests that he takes the twins with him and they say their goodbyes.

11. Peter heads to visit a vulnerable Carla and is told that there is a place in a mental health unit in Carlisle so he tells Ken and Roy that he will be going with her. He is touched when Simon then says that he wants to join them.

12. Norris apologises to Mary for his behaviour with Brendan but she is shocked to hear how soon he plans to go back to Edinburgh and marry Freda. As Norris gathers for his leaving drinks, he reminisces with friends and realises how much he is going to miss them.

13. Gemma’s sickness gets even worse and when she collapses, Chesney takes her to the hospital where a scan reveals that they are expecting quadruplets. They are taken through the option of selective termination but they decide against it.

14. Sally is angry as more and more people pull out of the horse syndicate – but Tim is very taken with the animal.


15. Kim is fuming when a driver frightens her horse but soon realises she has come face to face with Jamie’s wife Andrea. As Andrea and her daughter with Jamie, Millie, make themselves comfortable at Home Farm, Kim simmers.

16. Victoria stuns Robert when she tells him that she plans to keep the baby and he makes it clear that he is totally against her decision. Later, she opens up to her other loved ones about what she has been through, leaving them in shock.

17. Maya hangs around the village, trying to find an opportunity to speak to Jacob but Eric clocks her and heads to call the police. She follows him and stops him, causing him to issue her with an ultimatum – tell Jacob she doesn’t love him or go to prison.

18. Cahrity is touched when Vanessa pools all her efforts into finding them a place to live together.

19. Nicola becomes suspicious about the way Liam talks about his late ex-wife and when she shares her fears with Bernice, are they barking up the wrong tree?

20. Romantic sparks continue to blossom between Jai and Laurel as they flirt at the factory.


21. Harry surreptitiously meets up with his ex Sadie but as they are talking, James returns home and Harry tries to hide Sadie. But as James makes some discoveries, he delivers a choice to Harry and he is forced to meet Sadie and give his decision.

22. Lisa accuses Liam of being involved in Grace’s accident and is concerned when she learns about how much closer she and Liam have become lately. Elsewhere, Liam takes advantage of Sadie’s sudden arrival.

23. Cleo tries to do some matchmaking to Joel and advertises for him to have a flatmate. When Cindy shows an interest and there’s a definite spark, a jealous Goldie tries to intervene and put them both off living together.

24. As Leela breaks the news to Misbah that her new neighbours are far right extremists, Peri is asked byLiberty to be a bridesmaid. But when Ste finds her dressed in a traditional outfit, he orders her to take it off, leaving her shocked.

25. A hungover Mercedes is feeling worse for wear and a less than impressed Breda makes her a drink that will make her feel better – but can she be trusted?

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