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EastEnders fans were head over heels for Linda Carter's new baby on Tuesday evening, as her daughter's name was finally revealed.

Mick Carter was busy talking to his mum Shirley about the fire at Phil's which she might have inadvertently caused when he let the name slip.

"Be straight with me. I know you've got form – did you start the fire?" Mick quizzed, as Shirley admitted: "I am sick of him making a mug out of me."

But Mick continued: "Anyway, Annie wants a cuddle from her fire-starting, drug dealing Nan!"

Viewers at home were left swooning at the announcement of the new arrival's name, with one pointing out that the new addition to Linda's brood hinted at one major aspect of her personality.

"Annie Carter. It has a nice ring to it and Linda does love her musicals. She has a Nancy and an Oliver. Now she has an Annie!" one tweeted.

Someone else posted: "Annie! That's not an Oliver Twist name but she's right, it's from a musical!"

While another echoed: "So the baby could have red hair and they call her Annie. It's a lovely name but that feels like an omen!", and a fourth fan followed up: "They called her Annie because the Annie in the movie was ginger. Nice link!"


And another viewer echoed: "Wait, what? Is she called Annie because she's a ginger?"

It comes after fans were left fuming last week as Jack was seen arguing with Linda as she went into labour.

The detective was busy questioning Linda as she began having contractions in the kitchen, after he suspected Max was the true father of Linda's baby.

Frustrated at their predicament, Jack tried to leave the house before Linda called out to him in a panic.

"Don’t leave me," she begged during the episode.

Angry at her lies, he argued: "I shouldn’t be the one doing this."

"Yes you should, you’re his uncle," she declared. "Please don’t hate me, I just wanted my baby to have a good life and now Max is coming back and he’s gonna ruin everything."

Upset fans flocked to social media to post: "I’m real sorry but can’t that conversation wait until her labour has finished? I think she’s a lil preoccupied!"

"What nonsense is this with Jack. Will he stop when he sees the baby’s head?" another joked.

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