EASTENDERS' Nasty Nick star John Altman has denied rumours Dot Cotton actress June Brown left the show because her on-screen granddaughter Dotty was recast.

The deceased Nick, who was the father of Dotty, was previously played by Molly Conlin, but Milly Zero took over the role last year.

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June, 93, last appeared as the legendary Dot in January 2020 and made her shock departure the following month.

Now her former on-screen son spoke to Entertainment Daily and cleared up the reason why she decided to make her exit from Albert Square.

He shared: "She wasn't doing enough and that was about it really. She wasn't happy with the storylines – no other reason [why she left]."

While John, 68, admitted June wasn't happy with with the re-casting of Dotty, that was not why she decided to leave the BBC serial drama.

Altman added: "She wasn't pleased with the recasting of Dotty but that wasn't the reason she left.

"I wish people would get it right sometimes. It's highly irritating."

He even accused the soap of frequently re-casting roles, describing it as "recast mania."

John explained: "She wasn't pleased and nor was I because the former actress, Molly Conlin, was quite capable of playing that part. She's a lovely looking girl as well. I've no idea on God's earth why they recast it. I've no idea what goes on in their brains up there sometimes.

"She's done very well the new actress, but why do it? It's recast mania up there. So many actors have changed and they never look the same."

Nick Cotton was killed off in 2015, 30 years after he appeared in EastEnders' very first episode back in February 1985.

Molly played the role of Dotty for two years from 2008-2010.

Dot made her first appearance on the Square back in July 1985 and took a four-year break from 1993-1997, before returning and leaving again earlier this year, this time for good.

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