CALLUM ‘Halfway’ Highway’s request for his big brother Stuart to sort someone out for him might have some terrible consequences.

Last night EastEnders fans saw Ben revel in winding Callum up, after working out that he’s secretly gay last week.

Callum – Tony Clay – then told Ben he wants nothing to do with him, but Ben was having far too much fun antagonising him so Callum turned to a surprised Stuart for help.

But how far will Stuart – played by Ricky Champ – go to protect his little brother? He might have been on his best behaviour recently, after promising Dot Branning that he’s turned over a new leaf, but fans know how nasty Stuart can get.

Remember this is the man who shot himself, almost killing himself, just so he could set up Mick Carter? He also terrorised Rainie Cross when she accused him of just being after Dot’s money.

So could Stuart really kill Ben?

It doesn’t look likely in all honesty. Max Bowden has only been in the BBC soap for two months. Considering Enders has gone through the recasting process, clearly trying to make Ben a bit of a baddie, it wouldn’t make any sense for him to be killed off so soon.

Plus spoilers for the rest of this week show that Ben and Callum actually bond during tonight’s show when a drunk Ben rocks up at Callum and Whitney’s flat-warming party.

Callum will be surprised to find Ben in Paul Coker’s old bedroom. Ben’s haunted by memories of his one true love and he ends up opening up to Callum about his loss.

Also, fans have predicted that Ben and Callum will end up having a steamy affair, which will leave poor Whitney heart-broken. Again. She really doesn’t have much luck with men, does she?

It seems that his sexuality isn’t the only thing Callum has been lying about. Fans have been convinced his story about being a war hero isn’t true and photos of actor Tony secretly attending a funeral seem to back this theory up.


Fans have been convinced he has been lying about being a war hero and these images seem to suggest it was Chris who saved him and not the other way round.
In the pictures Highway is seen being comforted by a woman, who could perhaps be Chris’s sister and she is seen handing him some letters.
During an episode from earlier this month, Mick and Linda Carter threw Highway a party to welcome him home, and punters in the Vic asked him to share a story from his time in the army.


The lad recalled meeting a child who was playing with friends before a bomb went off, however there appeared to be holes in his story that Robbie was keen to question.
Callum suddenly said he needed air and walked out to the Square, where Mick came and met him and had an odd exchange about him being a hero.

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