SHEREE Trueman is left furious as Lola Pearce grows determined to help Isaac Baptiste next week in EastEnders. 

Isaac – who is played by Stevie Basaula in the BBC One soap – was sectioned earlier this month after he stopped taking his schizophrenia medication.

Isaac became obsessed with the Allen family’s involvement in his brother Paul’s death, leading to a altercation that saw him tasered and arrested.

As he received treatment in a mental health unit, his mum Sheree hit out at Isaac’s girlfriend Lola, blaming her for Isaac’s deterioration. 

Next week, Lola is upset when Ben makes a comment about Isaac. 

Meanwhile, Sheree is fuming when she hears that Lola is dedicated to Isaac’s recovery.

Sheree later moans to Patrick, upset that Isaac’s business is being gossiped about. 

Patrick tells Lola she’s doing a great job and coping with everything really well, which leaves Sheree fuming. 

Will she hatch a plan to get rid of Lola?

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EastEnders has been working with the mental health charity Mind on the storyline. 

Speaking about it, actor Stevie Basaula recently said: “This is close to my heart, to be telling Isaac’s story is a privilege.

“I hope it will start a dialogue for people to have conversations about mental health and that anyone living with the condition will feel seen.

“Working with Mind has been so useful, I spoke to a young man who bravely shared his story and it was inspiring to learn how he’s managing  his condition.

“There’s so much we think we know about schizophrenia, but it’s often not the reality for people living with the condition.

EastEnders executive producer Jon Sen said: “Working with Mind has been imperative in ensuring we tell Isaac’s story truthfully.

“There’s a multitude of layers to this storyline and Mind’s expertise has been crucial as we explore Isaac’s experience.”

“I hope that anyone engaging with Isaac’s story will gain a better understanding and can approach someone they know that may be struggling from a more positive place.”

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