EMMERDALE fans are not happy as newcomer Mackenzie Boyd and Kim Tate makes plans to kills Cain Dingle.

Mack had stolen a haul of shoes earlier this week with his lover Charity Dingle who tonight demanded he move them out of her house.

Viewers saw tonight how Kim (Claire King) cornered Mackenzie (Laurence Robb) to let him know she had seen him store a haul of stolen shoes in a barn at Jamie Tate's farm.

Kim told him the goods were hers now after locking up the barn – but the criminal wasn't taking it, threatening her.

Mackenzie then turned to Aaron (Danny Miller) to try and help shift the stolen goods, but he was not interested in helping.

Charity warned Mack not to go up against Cain, but he was not concerned simply saying, "bring it on".

But then Kim saw an opportunity for the pair to work together after hearing Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) threaten Mackenzie.

So she came up with a scheme for the pair of them to bring him down.

“Cain needs to pay for what he’s done,” referring to Cain's attempted murder of Jamie.

"I know Cain – his weakness, what we can exploit."

Mackenzie wanted a lot of money for what seemed to be a hit on the Emmerdale's resident villain.

"Don't worry," she told him, "cut Cain down to size and you'll be well looked after."

Fans were confused as to why Kim and Mackenzie were conspiring against Cain, accusing the show of resting on 'tired tropes'.

One Twitter user wrote: "Kim & McKenzie plotting to get rid of Cain; I don't think it will work!"

Another added: "We all know what Kim is like BUT I hope and pray Cain cuts Mack down to size the cocky t**t!!"

And a third said: "I'm confused, what does Kim have against Cain?"

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