Emmerdale: April punches a schoolboy in the face

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Emmerdale fans believe history could soon be repeating itself in the village after April (played by Amelia Flanagan) ended up punching newcomer Marshall (Max Fletcher) in the face and knocking him to the ground. The youngster, who was trying to defend Arthur (Alfie Clarke)ended up getting in even more trouble when her mum Rhona (Zoe Henry) found out.

Things were made worse when April also fainted, leaving her to come clean about another incident.

She explained to Rhona that she decided to pierce her own belly button, but as a result, it got infected.

“Can I have a word?” Max pleaded with Arthur as he walked into the cafe.

The schoolboy replied: “I think I have already heard everything you’ve got to say, thanks.”

“Can we step outside?” Max asked again before April stepped in.

“Just leave him alone,” she said as Max hit back: “Who asked you?”

April proceeded to stand up and argued: “What? Doing bets with your little homophobe mates.”

“I am not a homophobe,” Max insisted as April shouted: “You’re a moron.”

“And you’re a sad little do-gooder than fancies a…” Max began to say before April threw a punch at his face.

“April,” Arthur shouted as Cathy Hope added: “Oh, my god.”

It is unclear where April’s newfound attitude has come from, but one eagle-eyed fan believes she could follow in the footsteps of serial killer Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu).

Many fans also took to social media following the episode to share their own theories about April’s upcoming storyline.

“April is out of control! Got the makings of this year’s Meena! Fantastic!!!#Emmerdale,” user @PJDavies1962 theorised.

“What have they turned April into, fgs? #Emmerdale,” user ASuperGav asked as user @meenajultaMP quizzed: “Where [is] Meena?”

Emma tweeted: “April’s the future bad b***h of #emmerdale.”

While Bradley Coombes tweeted: “So April has become this big rebel now #emmerdale.”

Mike pointed out: “April decking that lad, yep she’s changed.” (sic)

“As much as I sympathise with Nicola after her attack, she has no right pushing the agenda that April’s right hook is down to Naomi,” user @DonnatellaSpace said before adding: “Especially when she herself has thrown hands many a time over the years.”

Ever since serial killer Meena was caught red-handed for her crimes, fans have been pleading for her to make a return to the village.

Ruby Naldrett tweeted: “Can Meena please escape from prison.”

Felix Wood went on to say: “We need Meena back to kill off Chas and Naomi.”

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV.

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