ERIC Pollard declares his love for Brenda Walker next week in Emmerdale.

There were hints of a romance blossoming between the pair last year when Eric impressed Brenda – who is played by actress Lesley Dunlop in the ITV soap – with his new healthy snacks at the cafe. 

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Jacob was quick to realise Eric fancied his chances with Brenda and his suspicions were confirmed when Eric asked her out for a drink.

Next week viewers will see unlucky-in-love Brenda delighted when Pollard reveals he loves her and doesn’t want the twins to think he’s just a temporary arrangement. 

Will his feelings be reciprocated?

Emmerdale viewers will remember that the pair’s romance was stopped in its tracks last year when Brenda became embroiled in a scandal at the cafe after Dan suffered an allergic reaction to one of her wraps – and was left paralysed by the ordeal. 

Brenda then disposed of the wrapper containing the allergy information she had failed to tell Dan about.

But disaster struck when Mandy fished the wrapper out of the bin, forcing Brenda to confess to what she’d done.

Eric was horrified when Brenda confessed she was to blame and hadn’t checked the ingredients. 

Eric told her she needed to be honest and tell everyone the truth, leading Brenda to come clean to Dan and his family. 

Emmerdale fans will know that the on-screen lovebirds are in fact married in real life.

The stars fell for each other long before their characters started up the romance.  

Lesley and Chris found love on the set in 2008 and tied the knot in 2016. 

The couple married during a church service at St Peter’s Church in the coastal village of Coverack, Cornwall.

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