The Dingles are in a crisis as Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) suffers another breakdown in Emmerdale and grabs a knife.

As she finds herself in a terrible state, Cain (Jeff Hordley) heads for revenge on Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) – but ends up trapped with Moira (Natalie J Robb) as they discuss their marriage.

Could they have a future after all?

Monday November 16

Jamie looks in Dawn’s locker and finds nothing. He sits with her P45, plotting his next move. When Jamie tells Dawn she’s sacked, thinking she has been meeting with her dealer, Dawn drops herself in it, revealing the man was an old client.

Dawn insists to Jamie that she hasn’t been doing drugs, but has been earning cash by sleeping with clients. He’s shocked when she offers to sleep with him if it means he’ll keep quiet.

Meanwhile, Vinny tells Mandy he is moving in with Liv to give her and Paul more space. Belle’s mental health continues to spiral.

Tuesday November 17

Nate reveals to Belle that Tracy is having a wobble, but is quick to reassure her that Tracy doesn’t blame her for this. Lisa’s voice then warns Belle that she has to protect her family.

Soon afterwards, Lydia is confused to discover that Belle seems to have disappeared, along with a cake knife. A terrified Belle walks through the village with the knife in hand, frantic and fearful that someone is after her.

At the pub, Cain realises Belle has not been taking her medication. In light of this, Nate and Tracy decide to come clean and admit they recently found her digging in a grave. Cain is angry at Nate for keeping this secret, but the shock of this realisation is only compounded when Cain and Sam realise Belle has taken the knife.

Sam calls the police as the others prepare to search for Belle. In the woods, Belle hallucinates that Jamie is chasing her…

Wednesday November 18

Chas tells Cain to get revenge on Jamie for what he has put Belle through.

Meanwhile, Mackenzie is suspicious of Jamie’s actions. What is he planning?

Elsewhere, Moira receives her decree nisi and breaks down to Rhona over how there’s no salvaging her marriage now.

Thursday November 19 Part One

A vengeful Cain picks up a length of metal pipe, determined to do what needs to be done. Sam, aware Cain is dead-set on his plan, runs to Moira and pleads with her to help stop Cain doing something he’ll regret.

Moira confronts Cain at the Dingle barn and struggles to get through to him over his latest revenge plan. Even as she reminds him of what happened with Joe and how much he struggled to deal with the guilt of that crime, it’s unclear whether her words have touched a nerve.

However, before Cain is given a chance to go through with his act of revenge, both he and Moira are locked in the barn by Mackenzie.

Meanwhile, Chas tries to get through to a drunken Charity.

Thursday November 19 Part Two

Moira begs Cain to forgive her. Could heartbroken Moira really leave the village for good when a cold Cain reminds her that she broke his heart and now their marriage is dead?

Meanwhile, Mackenzie humiliates Charity.

Friday November 20

Nate and Tracy attend his sentencing hearing.Matty is concerned about Moira.

Elsewhere, Chas dishes out some home truths and Gabby is upset when Liam halts her plans.

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