TRACY Metcalfe leaves Emmerdale village to visit her sister Vanessa Woodfield next week in Emmerdale. 

Vanessa departed suddenly from the village in May last year after she was diagnosed with bowel cancer in a heartbreaking storyline. 

There was good news later in the year as the vet revealed that she was cancer free.

However, during Vanessa’s absence from the villager, her partner Charity managed to ruin things by cheating on her with Mack. 

When Vanessa discovered what Charity had done, she dumped her and decided to stay away from the Dales.

Next week, Nate tells Tracy it would do her good to visit her sister, but it's clear the new mum is worried about having to look after Frankie all by herself.

Could Vanessa be just the person Tracy needs for support?

Actress Michelle Harwick recently teased her return to the soap.

Responding to her co-star Dominic Brunt, who plays Paddy Kirk, the actress joked that she was already worrying about trying to learn her lines.

Dominic’s tweet featured a meme showing a man trying to nail down the tide to the beach. 

He said: "True representation of me trying to make Emmerdale scripts stick in my head after time off."

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Michelle, who clearly relates, replied: “I’m already having anxiety dreams.”

Vanessa’s exit last year facilitated Michelle’s maternity leave. 

The star welcomed a baby boy with her wife Kate Brooks in October 2020.

She announced the happy news on social media, writing on Instagram: "On Friday 9th October, this handsome little chap entered the world."

She added: "Edward 'Teddy' Peter Brooks we are so in love with you #ourlittleTeddyboy."

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