Emmerdale actress Jessie Elland says that viewers have not yet correctly guessed her character Chloe Harris' identity despite fan theories swirling about on social media.

However, the star hinted that there is a "dark reason" behind Chloe's glamorous lifestyle.

Talking to Daily Star and other press, Jessie said that her family had sent her some of the fan theories, which she said are "all good".

"It's good to see people guessing, investigating and trying to connect the dots," she added.

"I have to say no one has got it right yet, but they're really fun to read."

Chloe's identity has remained somewhat a mystery for viewers, but Jessie says she think it is "fun as a viewer, trying to answer all those unanswered questions."

Emmerdale fans have already seen Chloe living in a huge house with a swimming pool on her own, but Jessie has revealed that viewers will soon learn that there is more to Chloe's life than meets the eye.

"It looks all glamorous and luxurious on the surface, but there is a dark reason behind the wealthy lifestyle.

"We learn it comes from her dad being quite a nefarious character. We get a sense of that not only because it's established that he's in prison, but of how scared Chloe and even Kerry are."

While Chloe may live a glamorous lifestyle, she is also trapped under the control of her dangerous father who has CCTV watching everything in the home.

"Chloe is almost like a zoo animal, in that she is being constantly watched. She's kind of trapped under his control."

While Chloe's father is yet to seen on screen, Jessie said bringing his character onto the show would bring more drama to the village and a conflict of emotions for Chloe.

"We've not actually seen him, but it would be really interesting to bring him on and see how him and Chloe would interact," she said.

"Chloe, she knows her dad is fundamentally a bad person. She feels very trapped by him and scared of him, but at the end of the day he's still her dad and she loves him.

"It would be really interesting to play out that dynamic and that conflict of emotions."

Asked who she would love to see play Chloe's dad on screen, Jessie said she would love a "Sean Bean-esque" type actor to bring the character to the village.

Chloe attempts to escape her life by proposing to Noah Dingle that they should run away, after deciding to take their relationship to the next level.

Asked whether Chloe sees Noah as an escape out of her situation, Jessie says it's a mixture of both Chloe wanting to live her life and her love for Noah.

"I think she does really like Noah and really wants to be with Noah, and running away is kind of a way of that coming to fruition.

"I think it has escalated to the running away, because Chloe is so desperate to get away and live her own life and to be free. Noah is an escape route in that sense, as well as really liking him."

With many characters trying to keep Chloe and Noah apart though, Jessie has made comparisons to their storyline as a modern day soap version of Romeo and Juliet.

"There's a lot of parallels there [between Romeo and Juliet]. Their families and guardians are keeping them apart.

She said: "essentially you have the story of these two young people who feel trapped and lonely in their respective situations, who have found each other and see each other as a way out and a way to freedom.

"In a bid to escape their situations and be together, they make some pretty rash and reckless choices. I think it's the same with Noah and Chloe."

However while Chloe's life on screen is dramatic, Jessie says off set there is a wonderful chemistry between the cast.

Talking about her co-star Laura Norton who plays Kerry Wyatt, she said: "She's an absolute star. Such a laugh to work with, but so professional.

"I love watching her work so much as she's amazing. She's incredible, so talented. I feel so lucky to get to work with her and watch her and learn from her."

Jessie also added: "I'd love to stay as long as Emmerdale will have me. There's a lot going on there with her relationship with Noah and Sarah and then her dad, it'll be very interesting to see what happens with Chloe."

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV

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