Emmerdale: Al saves Cain from car following crash

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Brenda Walker (played by Lesley Dunlop) appears to be content in her relationship with Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) but the Emmerdale local could be setting her sights on another villager. In Friday’s episode of the long-running ITV soap, Brenda was heard questioning Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter) about her one night stand with Dan Spencer (Liam Fox). Could Brenda be looking to start an affair with a younger man?

Faith was recently caught spending time with Dan at the allotment and her son Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) was far from impressed.

The matriarch has tried to repair her relationship with her son but Cain doesn’t want anything to do with her.

As Faith deals with the news she has terminal cancer, hooking up with Dan again is at the bottom of her to-do list.

This may be good news for Brenda who was keen to hear all about how Dan performed in the bedroom.

As Faith walked into the cafe she asked: “Get us a coffee please love? Extra shot.”

“Hope you haven’t got your dumbbells with you,” Brenda replied.

Confused, Faith asked: “Sorry?” with Brenda repeating: “Dumbbells. Honestly what were you thinking?”

Trying to move the conversation along, Faith sighed: “Well, clearly I wasn’t.”

Leaning over the counter, Brenda whispered: “He must be very good in the sack. Dan? To bring out all that passion in you.”

“Oh, yeah,” Faith laughed as Brenda walked off with a huge smile on her face.

While Brenda has never cheated on her partners in the past, she could be growing bored in her relationship with Eric.

If she were to spend a night with Dan, she’d want to keep it a secret but those don’t stay that way for long.

Eric would be devastated to learn of Brenda’s betrayal, after thinking he’d finally found someone to grow old with.

The businessman used to be known for his cold and bitter exterior but has softened over the years.

If the whole village learned of Brenda’s affair, Eric could retreat and lash out at those closest to him.

Fans of the ITV soap will know actors Lesley and Chris are actually a couple in real life.

Speaking in 2012, Chris said he had Emmerdale to thank for his relationship with Lesley.

He told the Daily Record: “”Everyone thinks it’s the younger members of the cast who have all the fun but we more mature ones do, too.

“It was weird. Somehow we’d never met before and we just kept bumping into each other at work.

“I can’t even remember if I asked her for a date or she asked me but she is wonderful and we’re very happy.”

Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV at 7.30pm.

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