Emmerdale: Rhona offers to be Moira's business partner

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Rhona (played by Zoe Henry) thought her ordeal at the hands of Pierce (Jonathan Wrather) was finally over when he was arrested and charged with the murder of Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) almost two years ago on Emmerdale. With the rapist locked behind bars, the mother of one has finally been enjoying life and has given things another go with Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock). However, her world will be turned upside down when her ex-husband’s son Marcus (Darcy Grey) arrives it has been confirmed by ITV. But will they begin a scandalous affair which results in a death as the newcomer takes his revenge for losing out on years with his father?

Marcus’ arrival will be out of the blue as Rhona will have no idea her ex-husband had a child from a previous relationship.

At first, this will deeply disturb Rhona as she will have all the memories of Pierce coming flooding back into her head.

However, as she hears Marcus out, she could understand he is nothing like his abusive father and although he has his good looks, that’s where the similarities stop.

Spending more time together, it could become clear there is a certain chemistry between the two characters, despite the mother of one being in a relationship with Marlon.

Unable to resist Marcus’ charms, the iconic villager could end up beginning a steamy affair with the newcomer which could have deadly consequences.

As Marlon learns of his wife’s betrayal, he would want nothing more to do with her as he wouldn’t be able to get his head around her sleeping with Pierce’s son.

Regretful of her actions, Rhona would begin to push Marcus away as he would’ve wrecked her life as his father once did.

But on second thought, the newcomer would be the only person the mother of one would have to support her and comfort her as the village turns on her.

Feeling like an outcast and ostracised from the community, she could agree to move away with her ex-husband’s child to start a new life together.

At this moment, his true motives for turning up in the village could be unveiled as he reveals to Rhona he never loved her.

Marcus’ arrival will certainly ruffle feathers

Kate Brooks

Having got her on her own in a house away from the village, he could explain how he blames her for losing out on a father when he was growing up.

As he was first put behind bars for raping his wife, Pierce found himself serving time in jail before losing his freedom again when he murdered Graham.

With Rhona being connected with each time his father was put away, the newcomer would want answers as to why he never got to have a father figure in his life.

Unable to believe the iconic character’s explanation, Marcus could start making threats as he tells his hostage he is not afraid to silence her.

Wanting revenge for all the time he lost with Pierce, the newcomer could murder the mother of one in a heartbreaking end to Rhona’s time in the village.

Producer Kate Brooks has spoken out on the new arrival and teased some of the drama he will be involved in from day one.

The soap boss explained: “Marcus’ arrival will certainly ruffle a few feathers and flutter a few hearts in the village.

“However, people will soon realise there’s more to Marcus than merely being the son of Pierce. But will our villagers give him a chance, or will he be forever doomed to live in the shadow of his father’s heinous crimes?

“We’re delighted to welcome Darcy to the show and we’re sure he’ll certainly make quite the impression on villagers and viewers alike.”

The actor who will play Marcus, Darcy, has also addressed joining the cast of the weeknight serial drama and what his hopes are for the character.

Darcy said ahead of his first appearance on screen next month “When my agent sent me the character of Marcus Dean, I was quietly smiling inside.

“We share so many similarities, both the good – and perhaps – some of the bad! I thought “I know who this kid is”.

“To then get the call to say that the role was mine was one of those pinch-yourself moments we actors simply dream of.

“For Marcus, the battle of being torn between wanting to forget his relationship with his Dad but also ultimately, wanting to simply be loved is a challenge many of us face, and one that I hope I can bring some truth to.

“He is such an open book, with such an uncertain future that I just can’t wait for you all to see where his journey in the village takes him!”

Hinting at how his character could be similar to Pierce in some respects, Darcy could have hinted his alter-ego is going to be a killer.

Taking Rhona as his first victim will be a huge loss to the village as she is a character who has been on the show for almost two decades.

With so many residents of the village connected to her, they could become suspicious of Marcus as he was the last one to be with her.

Will they uncover the similarities between Marcus and Pierce and how many other lives could the newcomer take if he is a murderer?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode airing on Thursdays at 8pm.

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