The Tower: Police officer threatens woman with Mental Health Act

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The Tower returns to ITV tonight (November 10) and the upcoming episode marks the series finale. The crime drama follows Lizzie Adama (played by Tahirah Sharif) who has a turbulent relationship with her boss, Kieran Shaw (Emmett Scanlan). Actor Scanlan opened up to and other media about how working on the series helped him.

The Tower is a riveting drama based on Kate London’s novel, Post Mortem, and the story will be wrapped up in tonight’s finale.

The series opens with a tragic accident, which involves a veteran police officer and a refugee falling to their deaths from the top of a tower block.

Detective Sarah Collins (Gemma Whelan) is left to piece together what happened and find out why only Lizzie and a young boy survived the incident.

Throughout the three-part drama, viewers have come to learn how Lizzie has a complex relationship with her boss.

Kieran certainly shows antagonistic traits and The Deceived star Scanlan is renowned for playing ‘darker’ characters.

Speaking to about his role, he said: “The reason why I wanted to do this series is I guess twofold.

“Professionally it’s one of the pieces of the jigsaw that make up the picture that everyone is going to see.

“It’s the cast, I think Gemma Whelan was the only one attached and despite knowing that I still wanted to do it. It was also a big draw for me.

“Also on a personal note, I had come off the back of two jobs that were incredibly taxing both mentally and physically.

“And the idea of doing The Tower playing Kieran who was confident, strong, flirtatious, he very rarely showed his vulnerability.

“I think that was a much-needed therapy for me. It was a very welcome change, that’s why I signed up for it.

“It doesn’t serve you to come from a place of judgement when playing a character or imposing yourself on a character.

“You accept that character, warts and all just like you accept yourself warts and all.”

The series is an adaptation of crime writer Kate London’s books and Scanlan read them to get a better understanding of his character.

He said: “The third book of Kate London’s gave me a lot of insight into his character and why he is who he is and why he makes the decisions he makes.”

The Irish actor played Brendan Brady in Hollyoaks before taking on a number of much darker roles.

He appeared in BBC dramas The Fall and Peaky Blinders, as well as main character Michael Callaghan in The Deceived.

Before The Tower, he had a main role in the series Kin, in which he played Jimmy Kinsella.

The star has been praised for his portrayal of Kieran Shaw in the ITV crime drama.

Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts, with Hannah Freckles saying: “I’ve finished #thetower @ITV watched all 3 episodes.

“Just brilliant @emmettscanlan your performance was amazing. Looking forward to whatever u have coming next.” [Sic]

James Jackson said: “Just watched #thetower with @emmettscanlan, he always manages to play a bit of a b*****d doesn’t he. Does it well too, cracking bit of TV.”

Joanne Reed added: “@EmmettScanlan If Emmett is in it, you know it’s gonna be a blinder!! #TheTower.”

MelissaMay99 concluded: “Haven’t even watched the first episode of #TheTower yet and already I don’t trust whoever @EmmettScanlanis playing. He is just too good at playing baddie’s.” [Sic]

The Tower continues tonight on ITV at 9pm

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