Look, the property market has gone a bit wild recently.

Our priorities have changed and we’re questioning where we’d really be happy living.

That doesn’t completely explain why anyone would be willing to pay £250,000 for an igloo that will melt once the sun comes out, but nothing makes sense anymore. Let’s just go with it. It’s a weird time.

The igloo in question, built by a family in Clacton-on-Sea, has received a lot of attention thanks to a joke by an estate agent.

Bradley Rackham of Palmer & Partners listed the igloo online, not imagining that he would quickly be flooded with requests for viewings.

The online advert described the igloo as a ‘great first home’ with ‘room to extend’, but did mention that it had some ‘signs of damp’.

Which makes sense, considering it’s made of ice.

The description also notes that the one-bedroom, one-bathroom property has a ‘great location’ on a large plot on ‘North Pole Road’.

The advert reads: ‘Be quick! This won’t be for sale for long.

‘A great chance to purchase this wonderful igloo built by a local family.

‘The property is showing signs of damp, so any potential buyer must have a survey before agreeing to buy.

‘Viewing is now available and we have keys to view.’

In spite of a rather high asking price of £250,000, the agents received some interest from potential buyers.

Or perhaps they just wanted to pop by to visit a real-life igloo.

‘I thought it would be fun to put it on the market,’ Bradley told The Sun.

It is funny, but given what some of us are paying to rent similarly-sized flats, it wouldn’t be too surprising if people took the listing seriously.

Plus, who doesn’t want to live like Pingu?

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