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First Dates Hotel's maître d' Fred Sirieix rushed to the rescue during Wednesday evening's episode, convinced a guest was choking.

Barmaid Hattie was paired up with Londoner Lawrence for the evening, with the singletons getting along famously during their dinner.

At one point, Lawrence made Hattie laugh so hard she appeared to be choking on her meal.

Watching from afar, Fred grew concerned and raced over to Hattie, gesturing to her neck and asking: "Shall I choke you?"

Thankfully, Hattie made it clear she was okay and was able to breathe properly, putting Fred's mind at ease.

Lawrence butted in, pointing out he should be the one to save her, having been assigned as her date for the night.

He remarked: "That was my turn, Fred."

Fred, however, pointed out Lawrence had been simply sitting there laughing instead of helping the stunning bartender.

He quipped: "You were laughing and she was dying."

Lawrence took the jibe well and was left laughing as Fred wandered off to the front of house.

"Not all heroes wear capes, they wear perfectly tailored suits," he said, referencing Fred's famously dapper wardrobe.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, viewers praised Fred's comedy value, making it clear he was one of their favourite parts of the First Dates franchise.

One said: "I love Fred. ‘Your laughing and she's dying'."

"Fred very calmly and politely asking "Shall I choke you?" to a diner. What a gent," added a second.

And a third chimed: "‘You're laughing and she's dying' i f*****g love fred."

After the incident, Hattie and Lawrence headed to the diary room, where they both admitted they had felt a spark.

Later, they snogged on the outdoor beds by the pool, before spending the night together.

The following day, after a couples' massage, the sweethearts confessed things were moving in the right direction, making the most of the opportunity to spend time together.

Unfortunately, as the episode drew to a close, the credits revealed Hattie and Lawrence have yet to meet up back in the UK.

First Dates Hotel continues next Wednesday at 9pm on Channel 4.

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