Holby City: BBC release 2021 Spring trailer

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Holby City fans were devastated by the recent news that the series would be coming to an end after more than two decades. The BBC made the announcement back in June, leaving long-time viewers of the medical drama shocked. Express.co.uk recently spoke to former series star Pearl Chanda about her thoughts now the show was over.

Holby City fans were not prepared for the news that the series had been cancelled by the BBC.

The broadcaster had decided to end the series after 23 years, in a move to “reshape the BBC’s drama slate,” the broadcaster said in a statement.

“We are incredibly proud of Holby City and it’s with great sadness that after 23 years the show will end on screen in March of next year,” the statement continued.

Over the course of many years, there have been countless stars making an appearance in the show.

Many big names started their careers as part of the series, with star Pearl Chanda making her TV debut on the medical drama.

Express.co.uk recently asked Chanda what the show coming to an end means to her.

“I think to some extent the BBC is doing some amazing work at the moment,” Chanda explained, “bringing amazing TV shows like Normal People.”

“And, I May Destroy You, which I was in, I think they are doing some really interesting stuff.”

Chanda starred in I May Destroy You as Nilufer for two episodes in 2020.

The star continued: “I’m a real lover of soaps and I think that kind of television really helps to bring audiences together.

“They can explore things through those shows in a really interesting way because the audiences are so large.”

“I think it is a real shame that any show like that is cut short.”

Chanda appeared in the series back in 2013, in the episode Father’s Day as Imogen Parker, only appearing in one episode.

Since then, Chanda has gone on to star in big projects such as Endeavour, Marionette, War of the Worlds, and Motherland.

The star’s feelings about Holby City being cancelled have been shared by fans, with a petition being launched on Change.org for the BBC to bring the series back. 

So far, the petition has been signed by just over 40,000 people, with the goal of the petition to reach 50,000.

The petition’s description reads: “The BBC have announced that they are scrapping Holby City after 23 years.

“Holby City has millions of weekly viewers, and has won hundreds of awards. It is also one of the most diverse dramas on the BBC – bringing stories of real people across society, from all backgrounds and experiences.”

Despite this, it seems unlikely that the BBC will bring Holby City back, with the broadcaster moving ahead with their new slate of television.

Since the BBC released their statement on the situation, there has not been any further updates on the show or its return.

Fans will get to see the Holby City team for one last time in March of 2022, meaning the series would have reached 24 seasons.

Viewers can currently see Chanda star in War of the Worlds season two, which has just debuted on Star on Disney Plus.

The star’s upcoming projects include two short films, Only the Lonely and Monster Heart, along with an untitled murder mystery project from director Tom George.

She will star alongside Saoirse Ronan, Sam Rockwell, Adrien Brody and Ruth Wilson.

Holby City is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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