The Chase: Bradley urges contestant to 'get on with the job'

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Lynne was the second player to face Chaser Darragh “the Menace” Ennis after promising contestant Nick was forced to leave the show after being caught at the table. As The Chase contestant considered which answer to go for, Bradley Walsh instructed her to “stop talking to him” and to “get on with” pushing the button before time ran out on the ITV quiz show,

The moment came when Bradley asked: “Killing Eve actress Jodie Comer went to school with which British athlete?

“A, Dina Asher-Smith, B, Jessica Ennis-Hill or C, Katarina Johnson-Thompson?”

“I’m sure I know this,” the retired nurse replied.

Bradley replied: “Well, you’ve got to press the button before the time runs out.”

With Lynne still stalling, Bradley eventually snapped: “Stop talking to me and get on with the job, Lynne!”

He added: “Sitting there, having a chat.” Confused Lynne commented: “I’ve pressed it, yeah?”

“Yeah, quick, quick press it again!” Bradley teased as Lynne continued to push the button to lock in her answer.

The 59-year-old insisted: “I did press it.”

Bradley continued: “Press it! Once more, quick,” before saying: “No, it’s alright – leave it.”

Lynne made it back to the Final Chase in the end and found herself with only one teammate, Sara, as they took on The Menace a final time.

However, viewers were quick to comment about Lynne’s slower approach, with it becoming one of the show’s biggest talking points.

Taking to Twitter, Rainbow.Isle wrote: “Brad is finding Lynne annoying.#TheChase.”

Steven Red penned: “Lynne is in a world of her own #TheChase.”

Phil Eames added: “Lynne holding her hand behind her back and then moving like a slug to press the button probably murdered the two of them there #TheChase.”

Echoing this, Stu JD pointed out: “I don’t understand why Lynne put her hand behind her back between the questions when it’s against the clock?! #TheChase.”

The two contestants put up a good fight in the Final Chase, managing to score 13 points after some mistakes caused them to fall apart towards the end.

With a total of £11,000 won between them, the pair hoped that Darragh might slip up on his questions enough to secure them a win.

The Chaser commented that they’d started well but began to crumble towards the latter part of the round.

He said: “It really was a game of two halves. You were on course for 20 there, you did so, so well I was getting quite worried.

“And then the wheels just completely came off in the second minute.”

The Menace ended up winning the game, meaning Lynne and Sara has to leave empty-handed.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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