We haven’t always been Team Jaggie. Though Grey’s Anatomy stars Jesse Williams and Kelly McCreary are scalpel-sharp actors who make a gorgeous on-screen couple, the pairing of Jackson and Maggie just didn’t work for us. But now we don’t want the show to give up on them. “Whaaat?” you say.

It all comes down to two words: Mr. Monopoly. During Jaggie’s spectacular fight in the Season 15 finale, Maggie at last stood up to Jackson. She called him on his upbringing as the wealthiest of Richie Riches; she lit into him for the patronizing way he kept trying to change her when she was perfectly happy the way she was, thank you very much; and finally, she suggested that, although she believed he loved her, he didn’t actually like her. It was, in short, amazing.

It was so amazing, in fact, that it left us wanting more. This was a Maggie who wasn’t to be trifled with; a Maggie who was unafraid to, as she’d put it, bring the thunder; a Maggie who there was no way in hell Jackson would dare take off on to undertake his “God quest” (leaving only a damn voicemail to explain his whereabouts!).

As voices were raised and truth bombs dropped, it occurred to us that our issue with Jaggie had become parity. Jackson didn’t treat Maggie like an equal. His spiritual journey was of paramount importance, and if she didn’t support it, he’d be perfectly justified — at least in his mind — in chatting about it with other women (including ex-wife April). And if Maggie expressed a disinterest in, say, camping, he’d argue that she just didn’t know what she liked, but he could show her. How condescending is that?

So now we’re curious. What would Jaggie be like if Maggie refused to let Jackson dominate her? Would her naturally effervescent personality rub off on him? Would he find out that to actually know her isn’t just to love her but to like her, too? We want to find out. And for that reason, we are hoping Grey’s dives deeper into its exploration of Jaggie in Season 16. What do you think, fans? Didn’t that fiery confrontation leave you wondering “What if… ?” at least a little bit? Hit the comments.

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