Hancock challenged over free school meals parcel

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan demanded that Health Secretary Matt Hancock admit he regretted initially voting against free school meals for children during the coronavirus pandemic. Mr Morgan insisted the Government would not have made a U-turn on this decision unless footballer Marcus Rashford used his profile to bring attention to this issue. Mr Hancock refused to admit he regretted voting against it. 

The pair then engaged in a tense standoff as Piers demanded a clear yes or no answer from the Health Secretary. 

Mr Morgan said: “The reason you are glad now is, let’s be honest, because you were shamed into it by a football player with a conscious.

“He managed to prick the conscience of the Government.

“Do you regret, given how glad you are with what is happening, do you regret voting against it?”

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Mr Hancock attempted to reply that he was pleased that it now been sorted before Mr Morgan argued that wasn’t the question he was asking.

Mr Morgans said: “It is a very important question because you wouldn’t have done it without Marcus Rashford campaigning.

“My question is now, given how glad you are that it is happening, do you regret voting against it, it is a yes or no question.

“Do you regret voting against it?”

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Mr Hancock replied: “Let me put it this way, in the first lockdown we took this action.”

The GMB host interrupted to say the Health Minister only had to give a yes or no answer.

He added Mr Hancock either regretted his initial decision to vote against it or he didn’t.

Mr Hancock replied: “I am really glad the situation has been resolved.

“I am really glad it has been resolved and we have sorted it out, I am going to use my own words to describe my own feelings on this one.”

Mr Morgan concluded Mr Hancock would not be answering the question.

Mr Hancock again repeated he was happy the situation was resolved and that he had answered the question.

Mr Morgan closed by saying:”Let us just hope we don’t have to rely on, as we have to again this week Marcus Rashford, to once again exposed the inequity of this system.

“Because these kids are in lockdown, they are suffering and they need proper support and support from you as Health Secretary.”

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