Silent Witness: Nikki Alexander performs an autopsy in May

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Silent Witness airs this evening (Monday, January 9) on BBC One at 9pm. This week marks a new case for the Lyell team with a two-part story titled Familiar Faces. The instalment involves an abandoned lorry discovered in a quarry with several dead and dying people in the back.

At first look, it seems this is a cut-and-dried sex trafficking case, however, it soon transpires this is something else.

The survivors of the crash are refusing to talk with the Lyell resorting to forensics to see what they can unearth from the dead bodies while the living remains silent.

Familiar Faces will see the regular cast back again with some guest stars, who will be appearing in this evening and tomorrow’s (January 10) concluding part.

Here’s a look at the guest cast of the drama and where you may have seen them before.

Who is in the cast of Silent Witness season 26, episode 3?

Frank Turner – Jack Ryder

Taking on the role of Frank Turner will be actor Jack Ryder, who fans will remember playing Jamie in EastEnders.

Ryder has also starred in In the Club, Holly City, The Hollow Crown, Doctors and the movie Popcorn.

DI Sarah Torres – Nadine Marshall

Nadine Marshall plays police officer DI Sarah Torres and has also appeared in ITV’s Tripper Point, Sherwood, Time and Small Axe.

Marcus Tillman – Eoin Lynch

Eoin Lynch will portray Marcus Tillman and has starred in Poldark, Fair City, and Ripper Street.

Ketevan Gvazava – Maria Forrester

Maria Forrester takes on Ketevan Gvazava with the actress also appearing in Doctors, How Would You Like to Play?, Two Women Can Tango, Love On The Cards and Grief.

Lucy Stevens – Kate Bracken

Kate Bracken stars as Lucy Stevens and viewers may recognise her from Being Human, Misfits, Killing Even, One of Us and Shetland.

Nurse Vi Froggat – Nicola Sloane

Nicola Sloane will be portraying Nurse Vi Froggat and is possibly most familiar to viewers for her role in ITV’s Home Fires.

She’s also appeared in Gentleman Jack, Victor Frankenstein, Les Misérables and Season of the Witch.

Kerry Tooney – Lucy Black

Lucy Black is Kerry Tooney after starring in ITV’s The Durrells, Jericho, Gentleman Jack, Doctors and Innocent.

Robbie Tooney – Gus Barry

Gus Barry will be appearing as Robbie Tooney after starring in Hetty Feather, Judy, The Escape Artist, War of the Worlds and Penny Dreadful.

Will Sturton – Joshua Coombes

Up-and-coming star Joshua Coombes will be starring as Will Sturton after roles in Damned, Man Down, County Lines and Big Boys Don’t Cry.

Shelia Shaw – Muna Otaru

Muna Otaru is going to be taking on the part of Shelia Shaw following on from performances in Professor T, The Irregulars, Broken and Damilola, Our Loved Boy.

Other guest cast members include Maisie Ayres as Maeve Tooney, Sophia Carlo as Natia Beridze, and Deya Du Preez as Elene.

Further cast members in the two-part story include Emilio Villa-Muhammad as Tommy Shaw, Tommy Oldroyd as Damian, Ranhee Yoo as Maya Park and Aaron Garland as Hero teenager.

The main cast members will also be appearing including Emilia Fox as Dr Nikki Alexander, David Caves as Jack Hodgson, Aki Omoshaybi as Dr Gabriel Folukoya, Alastair Michael as Velvy Schur and Rhiannon May as Cara Connelly.

This cast will be appearing across the two episodes today and tomorrow as things become more intense with Gabriel becoming more personally invested in the case and Jack getting a surprise visit.

Silent Witness continues on BBC One tonight at 9pm

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