HOLLY Willoughby has shared a rare selfie with her sister Kelly to celebrate her birthday.

The 40-year-old This Morning presenter shared a throwback snap of them drinking cocktails from "before social distancing" as she praised her "wing woman".

"Happy birthday to my beautifully brilliant wing woman," Holly wrote on Instagram.

"I love you @ladywilloughby be lost without you…

"Let’s see what this year brings shall we… 🥂🤍💎🌙✨🕊

"(this is an old picture taken before social distancing FYI 🥱)"

Last month Kelly, 43, revealed the sweet nickname that she calls Holly and said she's "beyond proud" of her new book.

The TV star has written her first book which is set to give fans a sought-after look into the private star's life away from the cameras.

Kelly took the opportunity to praise her sibling on the brand new venture, lovingly referring to her sister by her pet name "Dolly".

The TV star took to social media to share the exciting news about her book with her followers.

Her older sister was quick to shower her sister with support, commenting: "Beyond wonderful…beyond proud of you Dolly."

Alongside photo of the front cover, Holly said she will address everything from body-image to burn out in the personal book “about finding your beauty, inside and out.”

The Dancing on Ice host described the experience of writing as “intense” and says there are “pieces of her between the pages".

The book will feature both photographs of the star and illustrations.

Speaking about the project, she said: “I’m so excited to publish this book with Zennor and the team at Century. Reflections is a celebration of how inner and outer beauty can work together in perfect harmony, which hasn’t always come easily to me. 

“I hope this starts a discussion and helps readers reflect on their own paths and on where they find themselves now.”

Holly and her sister have an incredibly close relationship and openly spoke about their struggle being apart during the coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

The inseparable sisters spent Christmas apart, with Holly's devastated sister describing it as "beyond heartbreaking" that she wouldn't see her sister.

Meanwhile, Holly publicly told Kelly "I miss you so much" after she shared an Easter poem written by her sibling during the first lockdown in Spring.

Kelly, who works as a children's writer, enlisted the help of her sister to co-write a kids book in 2013.

While it might strain most relationships, working together brought them closer together.

Kelly previously revealed that the twins Molly and Maria in their series School for Stars were based on her and Holly.

Kelly also opened up about their close relationship on Holly's birthday in 2018, writing: "[You're] my best friend when I’m in trouble, my big sis when I’m sad and my little sis when it’s time to be naughty!"

The siblings also enjoy plenty of holidays together and the sisters were each other's bridesmaids on their big day.

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