John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) returns to Hollyoaks village after his departure two years ago, following the breakdown of his relationship. Sally St Claire (Annie Wallace) asks John Paul to return because of an ‘emergency’, but when he gets back to the village, he finds out that she wants his help to get rid of Finn O’Connor (Keith Rice), which has been orchestrated by Edward Hutchinson (Joe McGann).

John Paul is initially outraged by the request, but after receiving some advice from former flame James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan), he bites the bullet, and goes to talk to Finn.

He told us: ‘It’s very difficult for John Paul to face Finn. Having left the country for a few years to try to get over what happened to him, he is still very afraid of what Finn might do and what it means to be face-to-face with him. It’s very complicated for him and very difficult but he does go and see Finn.

‘He also sees James Nightingale, which is very lovely, but they have a complicated history too – John Paul seems to have a complicated history with everyone. Last time they were together they were an on/off couple and James confessed his love to John Paul, but John Paul was cheating on him with Ste, so jealous James pretended that Ste was in the boot of a car and rolled the car off a cliff!’

Asked what it was like to be back, the actor enthused: ‘It feels lovely to be back, it’s really nice and super friendly here. I’m in love with the new cast, they’re utterly gorgeous and wonderful and so talented, especially the youngsters.

‘I watched Billy Price [Sid] filming a scene the other day and I was blown away, they’re super talented this lot, which is wonderful. And I get to work with Greg Finnegan again, which of course he’s thrilled about because I’m his best friend in the whole world and he loves working with me [laughs].

‘But seriously, every day with Greg is a joy, we’re great friends and it’s brilliant to be working with him again.’

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