Lupin: Netflix tease second season of French drama series

Netflix series Lupin was a huge success when it landed on the streaming platform earlier this year. The show followed Assane Diop (played by Omar Sy) in his quest to avenge his father. The series will be returning with new episodes later in 2021 – here’s everything you need to know about these.

How many episodes are in Lupin season 1, part 2?

The first five episodes of Lupin featured Assane on a mission to find out what really happened to his father.

Inspired by gentleman thief Arsène Lupin, he adopted several disguises and broke into high-security locations in search of the truth.

This led to a dramatic cliffhanger in episode five where Assane was tracked down by one of the police officers investigating him.

Officer Guedira (Soufiane Guerrab) confronted him on the beach, using the name Lupin.

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As well as this, Assane’s son Raoul (Etan Simon) was kidnapped by Leonard (Adama Niane).

This was likely the doing of Pellegrini’s (Hervé Pierre) as it seemed Assane was too close to uncovering the truth.

Fans are now desperate to find out what will happen next in the tense drama series.

Netflix has confirmed it will be coming back for a second part later in 2021.

There will be five new episodes when it is released in summer so fans can see how his story concludes.

The platform confirmed these new episodes will be directed by Ludovic Bernard and Hugo Gélin.

As with the first part, it is expected each of these will last for roughly an hour each time.

They will also be released all at once, as is the way with Netflix original series.


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However, an exact release date for these has not yet been confirmed by the streaming platform.

As well as this, there has been little revealed about what will happen next to the characters.

Creator George Kay did recently open up to with some teases of what is to come.

When asked if Assane and Guedira could team up, he said: “Well, that would be fun, for that to happen!

“In terms of Assane’s priorities, all I would say is… if I was Assane I would do whatever it takes to get my boy back.

“So you stop at nothing and any accomplice is valid in that situation.

“But also, the thing about Guedira as a character is he knows that to capture Assane would be a great career move, but at the same time, he’s a fan of Lupin and he recognises his hero in his quarry, his prey, so he’s left with a conundrum of his own, I’d say.

“So that cliffhanger, it’s obviously ‘What does Assane do next?’ but [it’s also] ‘What does Guedira do next?’

“I think it’d be silly to say more because it’d spoil the fun, but there’s plenty of road to travel.”

Lupin season 1, part 2 is released on Netflix in summer 2021.

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