Mend It For Money: Expert restores a vintage Allwin Penny Arcade

Channel 4 is launching a fresh daytime series for those stuck in lockdown. Mend It For Money focuses on the restoration of collectibles and antiques with items getting a new lease of life. has the lowdown on the new series along with the episode count and more.

How many episodes are in Mend It For Money?

Mend It For Money starts on Channel 4 today at 5pm and will run for an hour.

There will be 20 episodes in Mend It For Money which will be airing on Channel 4 on weekdays.

The series got the green light in 2020 after the production company made a successful pilot.

The pilot attracted 1.4 million viewers and performed above average in its time slot when it first aired.

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However, this isn’t just a repair or restoration show – there is an added twist to programme.

Every episode will see three treasured items getting a makeover with two of the country’s top craftspeople competing to get the job.

The restorers will be pitching their plans to their customers in the hopes of winning the job.

But this isn’t all, the restorers will also try to estimate how much of a profit the item will make once its repaired and sold on.

Finally, the restorer and the antique owner will have to strike a deal on the profit share.

There will be some insight into the history of the item and the restoration techniques used by the experts.

Producer Mike Benson said: “We were delighted with how the pilot performed and thankful to C4 for the opportunity to go to series where we can now follow our fantastic team of restorers in a whole host of jaw-dropping – and hopefully lucrative! – transformations of old, forgotten and unloved items.”

Mend It For Money is described as having a “industrial, yet warm and welcoming vibe”.

Mend It For Money has been filmed in Glasgow at a specially-created HQ for the show.

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Great British Bake Off: The Professionals host and comedian Tom Allen narrates the series and takes viewers through every step of the restoration process.

Allen summed up the series in a nutshell, saying: “It’s basically restorers competing to do up furniture and sell it for the most profit. It’s like Antiques Roadshow with the added fun of capitalism.”

Reflecting on what he found most interesting about the restorations on the show, Allen said: “I think it’s how everything has component parts.

“I know that sounds so stupid, but I think in our world it’s so easy to assume that everything just grows on a tree, but actually, everything is made of component parts that these people are skilled at taking apart and cleaning and restoring and improving. Everything around us has been made by somebody.”

He went on say about what set Mend It For Money apart from other furniture and antique restoration shows: “I think that it’s got the injection of cold, hard cash, and the fact that though the items might have a sentimental value, fundamentally they’re being brought in to be sold on. It’s much more about what something is worth financially.

“I think it’s the fact that the restorers are pitching for a stake, and that ultimately it comes down to how much the item is going to fetch when it’s been restored. Or potentially repurposed, because there’s quite a big element of that.

“One of the restorers does up a fireplace, but in a sort of inauthentic way, because it turns out that it’s not an authentic piece, he just goes, ‘I’ll just make it pretty jazzy’.”

He added: “They’re not just restoring, they’re often changing and repurposing, so it’s very imaginative and also, it’s very profit driven.”

Mend It For Money airs on Channel 4 on weekdays at 5pm

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