Joanna Lumley says 'we can do it if every single person makes an effort'

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The one-off programme saw Joanna Lumley follow Australian biologist and world record-breaking conservationist Sacha Dench around Britain during her Climate Change challenge. During the documentary, Joanna urged people to travel less, which left viewers shocked as she has fronted several travel programmes across the world herself. 

Sacha, known as the Human Swan, made headlines as she began her journey travelling around the world by paramotor, an engine-powered paraglider.

Upon hearing about her mission for climate change and her challenge to travel across Britain, Joanna wanted to explore if others would follow when it came to changing the planet.

Speaking in the documentary, she said: “It’s so easy to wring out hands in despair, but I promise you, if we all act together, it’s not too late to make a difference.

“The Human Swan is rising to the challenge. Shall we follow her?”

Many viewers were enraged at the comments made by Joanna as she has fronted a number of travel documentaries in recent years, including trips to Japan, India, and the Caribbean.

Taking to Twitter to express their frustration, Joseph Peele wrote: “Are you kidding me!!! How many travel programmes has this woman done flying around the world!!! Ridiculous!! Totally jumping on the bandwagon!! Grrrrrr.”

@Maverick2u2 also added: “@JoannaLumleyUK can f*** right off. Hypocrisy overload.”

@luccanio commented: “@JoannaLumleyUK is presenting on #ITV ranting on about the great bandwagon that is #climatechange.

“She has in the last 6 years made less 8 travel documentaries that have taken her to every corner of the Earth… by trains, planes and automobiles.” (sic)

It wasn’t all negative towards Joanna, though, as some felt her raising the issues and using her platform to try and make a difference to climate change.

Alison Turnbull tweeted: “@sashadench just watched you with Joanna Lumley, I agree with you, we can all do our part. Respect.”

“@JoannaLumleyUK wow watching #humanswan, no better celebrity to bring us show us what can be done for out plant, best practices #COP26 the slightest change in our habits can make a difference,” @feelgudfee commented.

“How brilliant to see @JoannaLumleyUK and @sashadench on @ITV this evening – such brave people and an incredibly important message. Dan was clearly, and brilliant person, and my heart goes out to his family,” @Stephy_Maia said.

Sacha and Joanna’s co-star Dan Burton sadly died during their trip around the country as he collided with Sacha in mid-air.

 oining Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain on Monday, Joanna described the incident as “scaring”.

Susanna said: “Tragically, Dan was involved in this collision with Sacha, and that, I mean absolutely shocking accident to happen, and we send our warmest wishes to his family.

“And also, to Sacha for her recovering because she’s injured, it must have been a very difficult decision then to carry on with the project and with the documentary.

“Well, the wretched thing was this absolute tragedy happened right at the end of their journey around.

“Dan’s family have been so brave and so generous to honour his memory in showing the film and his work and Sacha who is as brave as a lion who I speak to at the very end of our film.

“The inquest is still ongoing with the mid-air collision, so I have nothing to report on that,” Joanna revealed.

“She’s as brave as a lion, and she will come through this, but it has been scarring for everybody, particularly for Dan’s family.”

Joanna Lumley and the Human Swan is available to watch on the ITV Hub. 
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