INNOCENT viewers are convinced that Sam Wright is Matty Taylor's killer and set up his ex-wife Sally in a brutal twist.

While some fans were left confused as several characters were thrown into the mix, with secret and lies revealed, several pointed the finger at Sam.

In the episode, Sally – who was wrongly imprisoned over the teen's death -revealed that Karen was Matty's social worker.

The murdered teen had been relentlessly bullying Karen's daughter Beth months prior to his death – leading to Beth taking an overdose.

After finding out Karen's whereabouts on the night of Matty's murder, Sam goes to the police station to expose her lies.

Several fans speculated that Sally's ex husband Sam was the killer after he turned Karen in so easily.

Viewers believed that Sam had a motive for killing Matty, after believing that his wife was having a fling with the schoolkid, so could have framed Sally.

One fan wrote: "Hubby is definitely acting suspiciously…don't trust him! My money is on Sam"

Another shared: "Sam is the murderer. He was happy for Sally to take the blame and now he is framing his fiancé for it."

A third posted: "Sam is the killer…he's behaving strange. Would love nasty Karen to be the murderer but gotta feeling it's Sam."

One fan hinted that a possible romance was on the cards for Sally withDCI Mike Braithwaite: "I think it's Sam! Hoping Sally gets her happy ending with the detective."

Another shared: "Did Sam hear the rumours that Sally and Matt had been seen by Anna…went to confront Matty and ended up killing him.

"Let his wife take the wrap as he blamed her for cheating…but now feels remorseful."

Viewers have been left wracking their brain over who killed Matty since the new drama aired on Monday night.

Many eagle-eyed fans noticed moments that may have hinted to Sam being the murderer all along.

In episode one, viewers see Karen seduce Sam on the staircase and then make a rather strange remark.

A viewer took to Twitter to share their theory: “Did I hear right when the new partner said to sally's ex husband about sticking by him through what ever he’s done?? WHY do I feel like he’s guilty and hiding something!? #innocent #itv @ITV.”

One fan wrote: "Hubby is definitely acting suspiciously!"

Another shared: "Sam is the killer…he's behaving strange. I don't trust him."

But some fans are still convinced that Karen was the real culprit and had planned to get Sally out of the way so she could get Sam all to herself.

Last night Sally revealed that Karen may have had eyes for her ex-husband for a long time.

As part of a tense confrontation in her house, the English teacher remarked at how the school governor had been stalking her partner Sam and later found a photo of Karen watching the couple.

When Sally was taken to prison, Sam filed for divorce and swiftly got together with Karen.

Theories pointed towards Karen killing the boy and pointing the finger at Sally to get her out of the way in order to get to Sam.

While others suggested she was covering for her daughter Bethany after Karen and Matty had a standoff on the night of his murder.

Innocent returns for it's final instalment on Thursday at 9pm on ITV.

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