Virgin River: Netflix releases trailer for fourth season

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Virgin River.

Virgin River season four answered a plethora of questions that were left hanging in the air following the series three finale. One of the ongoing mysteries left to be solved was the shooting of Jack Sheridan (played by Martin Henderson) and while a conclusion was reached, there is a theory it had to do something with Mike Valenzuela (Marco Grazzini). Is he a dirty cop? takes a closer look at Mike Grazzini in Virgin River.

Is Mike a dirty cop in Virgin River?

Mike is a former Marine who toured with Jack and Brady (Ben Hollingsworth) in Afghanistan, prior to the start of Virgin River.

He first showed up in the suburban town after Jack asked his old friend to look into a drug kingpin called Calvin on his behalf.

When he arrived, it was clear Mike was obsessed with Jack’s sister Brie (Zibby Allen), despite her turning down his advances on numerous occasions.

Mike also gave the impression he had a bad temper, clearly frustrated when she refused to go out with him.

He appears to get along well with Jack but has had a dislike for Brady since their last mission in Afghanistan.

In addition to this, it seems he may be keeping a secret from Brady which could damage his reputation.

Even though it is known Vince was the person to shoot Jack after he walked into his bar with a gun, with the intention of hurting Preacher (Colin Lawrence), some fans still believe Mike is involved in some way in setting up Brady.

There is no evidence as such just yet but more details could emerge when Virgin River is back for series five.

Is Mike the father of Charmaine’s twins?

Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) revealed at the end of the fourth season that Jack wasn’t the father of her unborn twins.

There has since been speculation Mike could be the real dad-to-be as way back in season one when the pregnancy came out, Mike seemed to be in disbelief.

It is thought he was overly emotional as he and Charmaine were having an affair at the time.

Proof that points to this being the case is in Robyn Carr’s novels which Virgin River is based on.

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In the original book series, Charmaine becomes pregnant by a friend of Jack’s.

So could it be that Mike is secretly the dad, having betrayed Jack while he was seeing Charmaine?

But even if this was the case, this doesn’t make Mike a dirty cop per se, but rather just a disloyal friend.

Mike has seemed sketchy from day one when he showed up in Virgin River but for now at least, there is no proof of him taking the law into his own hands.

Jack may not be the dad of Charmaine’s babies but he is going to be a dad.

Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) wasn’t sure if she was carrying the child of her late husband Mark (Daniel Gillies) or Jack’s due to the timings.

But after a paternity test, it was confirmed Jack was the father, delighting the happily engaged couple.

Virgin River is available to watch on Netflix.

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