All Creatures Great and Small: Cow's stomach explodes

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The Yorkshire Vet is the heartwarming reality series that follows the everyday adventures of Skeldale Veterinary Centre, the former practice of legendary vet James Herriot, among a few others in the nearby area. Peter Wright is one of the main stars of the Channel 5 series who actually got to work under the man himself whose real name was Alf Wight. Of course, the vet was better known by his pen name which he used to write the beloved series All Creatures Great and Small.

Is The Yorkshire Vet star Peter Wright going to be in All Creatures Great and Small?

All Creatures Great and Small was a book written by James Herriot, about his life and those of his friends and co-workers during the 1930s to 1950s.

The book series showed what they got up to at the Yorkshire vets and what went on during that time in their personal lives.

The original series came out in the 1970s and starred actor Christopher Timothy as the lead role of Herriot.

Channel 5 brought the books to life once again with a reboot of the family-friendly series last year.

Starring the likes of Nicholas Ralph, Rachel Shenton, Anna Madeley and Samuel West, All Creatures Great and Small went down a storm with fans.

So much so that it was quickly renewed for a second season which is currently playing out on Channel 5.

The third episode of series two will be airing on Thursday, September 30 at 8pm.

Now, someone who used to work under the famous vet has expressed interest in coming on board the series.

The Yorkshire Vet’s Peter Wright has said he would snap up the chance to appear on All Creatures Great and Small.

In an interview with What to Watch, the 64-year-old said: “Oh, I would absolutely love to do that.

“I’d crawl on my hands and knees to be part of it. If you could fix that I’d be forever in your debt!”

Given how the period drama is based on the life of Herriot, a former colleague of Wright’s, it would be fitting to see him pop up in the series.

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As of yet, Channel 5 hasn’t confirmed that Wright will make a cameo appearance in the latest season of All Creatures Great and Small.

But seeing how Wright is eager to do so, it could only be time until he features in the charming show. will update this article if more information comes out.

Wright did contemplate retirement but his wife Lynn joked how she wasn’t too keen on the idea.

Speaking to, Wright said: “I discussed it with my wife Lynn and her response was, ‘I don’t want you under my feet all day long’.

“Well it’s difficult I suppose because I’ve been working 10-hour days, weekends, nights, I was just this chap that turned up at home every now and again for something to eat and sleep and off I went again.

“It would have been a massive change for both of us really and I’m not ready to be put out at grass just yet, I could continue working quite happily.”

The Yorkshire Vet continues Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 5.

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