JACQUELINE Jossa looked a tad queasy as she revealed she almost vomited during a trip to Thorpe Park with husband Dan Osborne.

The crowned Jungle Queen admitted she just didn't have the stomach for the scary rides she once adored.

Sharing a loved-up snap of herself with Dan, the actress wrote: "We do have fun. ♥️

"His face is so lovely."

But the mum-of-two went on to explain the story behind their smiles and told her 3m Instagram followers: "we took a trip to @thorpeparkofficial and Played like kids for the day. Good fun and really needed.

"BUT am I getting old? I literally couldn’t stomach the rides, felt soooo sicky and dizzy."

Jac, 27, added: "Loads of you said it’s the same for you now that you’ve had kids etc would you agree?

"Or is it just an age thing, or completely random? I never used to feel sick on rides."

And lots of her fellow mums were quick to show their agreement.

One said: "My kids do all the huge rides and I feel Ill just looking at them x"

Another added: "I used to absolutely loveeee rides,, now I couldn’t think of anything worse my head is spinning as much as my stomach 🙈 definitely a age and having kids thing x"

Earlier, Jacqueline took a break from the rides to speak honestly to her social media followers, as she ducked out of going on another ride with Dan and their friends.

Videoing herself on Instagram Stories, she said: "The guys have gone back on Saw. I went on it in the daytime and I’m sure as hell not going on it in the night time.

"Although now I’m just on my own terrified that someone with a saw going to come and get me. I’m absolutely terrified."

She went on: "I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I feel so so so sick and I never used to get crazy sick on rides.

"It’s annoying because I’m enjoying them but I literally feel so unwell."

In clear envy of the youngsters going on the rides without any problems, Jac added: "It’s so scary. There’s like 10-year-olds coming out of the ride Saw and I’m like ‘sorry how did you just do that’.

"Mate, I’m such a chicken. I thought I’d be better after the jungle but…"

Jacqueline won last year's I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! and has since gone on to work on several projects.

The star has created several successful clothing collections for In The Style and has her own tanning products line.

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