KATE Garraway was told her seriously ill husband Derek Draper could be in hospital until December.

The Good Morning Britain presenter, 53, filmed her husband's battle with Covid-19 after his hospitalisation in March 2020.

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Viewers were given an update on Derek's condition, with the doc saying his rehabilitation is "continuing and that "doctors have extended the option of keeping him in hospital until December 2021".

This was followed by an emotional ending between Kate and Derek, with him saying: "Thank you, I love you forever and a day."

An emotional Kate replied: "Oh darling, I love you."

Viewers praised the heartbreaking documentary, which saw Derek in floods of tears as Kate video calls her husband every day from his hospital bed.

Recording the moment he woke from his induced coma, Kate said: "He's back. We've been waiting a long time to speak to you. I'm so proud of you. I'm so proud of you."

But the hour-long show on ITV revealed the harrowing moment Derek told her "I can't go on" in a distressing call.

Derek has almost spent a year in intensive care after coronavirus ravaged his body, causing his liver, kidneys and heart to fail.

His first word out of his coma was "pain" – and his suffering has left him contemplating death.

In the harrowing moment, he said: "There's no way out, there's no way out."

Kate, who was at home with their two children, replied calmly: "What do you mean there's no way out? In terms of what?"

Derek said: "I've got to the point where I just think, f*** it. F*** it."

Kate asked: "As in die?" and when Derek said yes, she replied: "No….no."

Derek grew more distressed and tearful and sobbed to his wife: "I don't know how to cope, I don't know how to cope."

Kate continued to remain remarkably calm as she reassured him: "I know you feel like you're trapped in your head and it's terrifying but you're coming home, you're coming back to your life and you will be the person, even better than you were before. You will be."

She added: "And I will find a way to make it better, OK?"

But Kate has kept positive throughout – and revealed she will quit Good Morning Britain to care for her husband.

She continued to reassure her husband, who she married in 2005, and told him: "I promised you I was going to save you and I'll save you, you just have to hang in there OK?"

She has already transformed their home with a hospital bed in the lounge and room for his wheelchair ready for his return.

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