KATIE Price has revealed the damage her son Harvey has done to his house after smashing in walls when he got frustrated.

The 19-year-old lad, who is disabled and has complex needs, explained he did it because "I hate it when mummy goes."

Katie, 42, told fans: "When he kicks off this is what happens."

Speaking in a new YouTube video, she explained: "All the walls were painted but now we're going to have to plaster the whole house.

"People don't understand how hard work it is with Harv when he gets frustrated."

She turned to him asking: "Where's this cupboard door from? I'm not telling Harv off, I just want to explain what's happened and why. You pulled it off didn't you?"

The lad explained that he banged his head out of frustration because he doesn't like it when she goes.

Katie showed viewers the insulation that was spilling out of the walls after having been knocked in.

She said: "He dents it so bad that you can see this stuff behind the wall. It looks like he rugby-tackled the wall here.

"If you look around the house we've got these holes here. If you come in the bathroom we did have a picture on the wall but that came off.

"We have sort of tried to plaster it but when he comes out of the house I'm going to have to replaster it to how it was before.

"He smashed these walls here. This is one of the worst ones here, he's done it so much you can see the pipes. I need to get it fixed otherwise he's going to pull these pipes out."

The reality star explained: "When people in authority say: 'Oh he’s not bad' – I need help. This isn’t normal behaviour.

"No one understands but I’m showing you guys to show what it’s like with Harvey. He’s always in a good mood but when he kicks off this is what happens."

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