Love Island 2019 viewers were feeling 'creeped out' by a comment that Joe Garratt made about Lucie Donlan.

One of the biggest storylines in the villa so far has been the Lucie, Joe and Tommy Fury 'love triangle' – after boxer Tommy split up Lucie and Joe's comfy coupling and sent Joe on the slippery slope to the green-eyed monster.

Despite only knowing Lucie for just over 24 hours, Joe had already developed 'deep feelings' for the Cornish surfer and there were thoughts that they may be this series' Dani and Jack.

The first sign of their relationship being tested has brought out the worst in Joe, as he looks to 'control' Lucie's feelings and questioned her loyalty after she was taken on a date by Tommy, which Lucie had no choice in doing.

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Viewers went in on Joe, questioning his behaviour and there was more worry after Joe spoke about how he would 'win her back'.

Love Island fans urged Lucie to "run for the hills," as Joe creepily remarked that "she'll be back," once Lucie realises what she is missing.

Taking to Twitter , one concerned viewer wrote: "'She’ll come back' oh lord Joe is displaying soo much controlling behaviour. Lucy run for the hills gurl"

Another commented: "I am not on board with Joe right now. Him saying "she'll come back" is like when possessive boyfriend's say "no one will ever love you like I love you" # LoveIsland"

While a third tweeted: "Late to the Love Island party tonight but Lucie needs to RUN from that Joe. These are major red flags!!! Seen this behaviour before.. this won’t end well in the long run."

With a re-coupling imminent, Joe will be hoping that his actions haven't pushed Lucie away for good.

Love Island airs all week at 9pm on ITV2.

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