Love Island's Liam Reardon landed himself in a lot of hot water over his Casa Amor antics, and on Tuesday night's show he did a bold gesture designed to get Millie Court swooning for him once again.

The 21-year-old builder called for the attention of all of the islanders, and walked to stand before them to deliver a speech he had written on his phone about his beloved "Millie-Moo".

Some viewers are desperate for love's young dream to be reunited and thought it was romantic, while the other side thought it was false and manipulative.

Millie, 24, had waited for Liam and remained faithful while he was in Casa Amor, but he found "a connection" with blonde bombshell Lillie, 22, and shared kisses outside of official challenges.

Fashion buyers administrator Millie was over the moon when Liam walked back in single, before Lillie burst her bubble and told her the truth of what went on while he was away.

Body language expert and Relate-trained counsellor Rhian Kivits thinks Liam's speech came from the heart.

She says: "I believe Liam genuinely wants to redeem himself with Millie and he hoped that the grand gesture of his speech would show her how much he really wants to repair their connection.

"During the speech you can clearly see Millie smiling, making eye contact with Liam from a distance and giggling, when she’s touched by what he says."

Later on, during a chat, Liam said he messed up when he looked at Millie.

Rhian continues: "Liam prepared what he wanted to say and even though he stumbled over his words at one point, suggesting he was a little nervous, he regained his composure and even said Millie felt like a Soulmate.

"Making the speech in front of all the other Islanders was a smart move on Liam’s part.

"In this kind of situation, where Millie may feel conflicted about whether to trust Liam, other people’s opinions matter. So if Millie hears her friends in the villa saying that Liam was brave or sweet to speak up, it may help sway her towards forgiveness.

Many fans complained to Ofcom over Millie's treatment on the show, while others threatened to complain if she took him back.

Rhian thinks there's a "big part of" Millie that wants things back as they were.

"When she said it would be ‘baby steps’, she’s revealing she’s already intending to take a risk on Liam, but she is going to do so on her terms and at her own pace, so that the ground rules between them are clear."

As a relationship counsellor, Rhian sees plenty of people with broken trust, and thinks that is Liam and Millie do decide to give things a go it will take a lot of work from both of them.

"Whether things between them settle down will depend upon Liam continuing to say and do the right thing and whether Millie can draw a line under what occurred and focus on the future," she explains.

There has been a lot of talk this year both from viewers and Islanders about a dislike of the "testing" of relationships.

Rhian says what happens next depends on Millie's mindset.

"If Millie chooses to see what happened as a test that’s ultimately made them stronger, they’ll make it. But if Liam messes up a second time, I don’t think she’d give him another chance.

She says their previous form will help them: "They’ve been a strong couple so far and there’s no reason why Liam shouldn’t learn from being made to work hard to win Millie back.

"He could have chosen to apologise and walk away, but he clearly values what they have enough to try to make amends."

There's still hope for Milliam fans yet.

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