Lucifer: Aimee Garcia thanks fans after filming final scenes

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After ending on an epic cliffhanger, fans eagerly awaited the release date of the comic-book-inspired series’ sixth season. However, Lucifans were sent into a frenzy when Amendaiel star (DB Woodside) posted a major tease hinting the date the show would premiere on Netflix.

The show-stopping season finale saw Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) finally earn the title of God after God (Dennis Haysbert) decided to retire.

This was a huge occasion for the fallen angel as his evil and jealous twin brother Michael (Tom Ellis) fought dirty to succeed.

He had also gone to earth as Lucifer to try and destroy his upstanding reputation, and he even went as far as kidnapping his brother’s girlfriend, Chloe Decker (Lauren German).

Many fans were shocked to see Lucifer reign over his brother because he had risked his life resurrecting his girlfriend from Heaven and it wasn’t guaranteed that he would survive.

During the major battle scene, Lucifer, Chloe, Amendaiel and Eve (Inbar Lavi) had planned to take down Michael and his army of demons.

However, the jealous twin was fighting with his sister Azriel’s (Charlyne Yi) unique blade and had stabbed Chloe to death.

Lucifer was beyond devastated and risked his life to bring her back to earth.

After being banished from heaven for disobedience, he was sent to Hell and was told if he ever returned he would die.

However, he took the risk and was able to resurrect his girlfriend by giving her a ring which contained Lilith’s (Lesley-Ann Bradt) fading immortality.

At first, Chloe was hesitant to receiving the ring because when Lucifer arrived she was enjoying a scenic picnic with her father who had passed away but she later realised by her staying in heaven her daughter Trixie Espinoza (Scarlett Estevez) would become an orphan.

With Chloe returning back to Earth she used the strength from the ring to fight Michael in the jaw-dropping scene she turned to find Lucifer alive and stood behind her.

She later learned that had been granted a second chance and had become God and instead of fighting his brother to the death, he clipped off his wings which ensured that he wasn’t able to travel between worlds.

With this ending, many fans were left wondering what would happen to Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship as he would have to return to the skies to fulfil his role as God.

So, the viewers swarmed to actor DB Woodside’s post when he teased the premiere date.

The picture he posted on his Twitter account was one of him in character holding a plain piece of paper, ultimately tricking the fans.

Many fans took to the comments to laugh at the prank: “You are too mean for an angel.”

“Dude we’re still emotionally fragile from 5B, don’t toy with us,” one added.

Whereas other fans fumed, one commented: “Why are you trying to hurt the people who love you.”

“DB DO YOU GUYS KNOW THE DATE DON’T PLAY WITH MY FEELINGS,” an annoyed viewer replied. will be updated with any information about the release
All episodes of Lucifer is available to stream on Netflix.

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