LUCY Mecklenburgh spent the day labelling bags as she prepared for the arrival of her first baby.

The star is 38 weeks pregnant and said she has been "nesting" with fiance Ryan Thomas in the days leading up to giving birth.

Lucy, 28, captioned a video on Instagram: "Ryan thinks I've lost the plot. Hospital bag organising! Nesting overload. This is so unlike me but it feels good."

She revealed she had labelled freezer bags where she'll store baby grows, vests, socks and mittens, bibs and hats, to avoid getting everything mixed up.

The first time mum even prepared her going-home outfit and also showed off her baby's wardrobe.

Lucy set to work on her little one's wardrobe after she found herself in hospital last week with mini contractions.

She said she thought she'd be induced at 37 weeks but was sent home from hospital to rest.

The 28-year-old shared a picture of her on a ward having her baby monitored and wrote: "Not just yet baby boy 💙."

She said she was hoping to overcome an "awful cold" at home before welcoming her baby boy.

"We thought I may be induced yesterday but luckily with further tests Me and baby boy are going home to rest and get over this awful cold 😫🤧 hopefully before Labour 🤞🙏🏼.

"I’m on blood pressure tablets & need to up my iron intake. Advice to stubborn mothers to be (like me!) .. please rest as much as possible at the end.

"I have thought I’m invincible and want to do everything! Work, social engagements and nesting overload at home! I don’t really sit still 🤦🏽‍♀️ But listen to your body and rest as and when u can!"

Lucy is slowing down her work commitments after falling pregnant, with The Sun revealing she's quit her clothing business after it suffered losses.

She resigned as director of Lucy’s Boutique in January, two months after it posted debts of almost £270,000.

Lucy set it up in 2012 but has failed to make any cash in the last few years — and there was only £673 in the company’s bank account in October.

The fitness star was promoting her clothing range on Instagram as recently as Christmas, in what appears to have been a last-ditch attempt to improve on the slow sales.

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