EXCLUSIVE: Mira Sorvino is developing a series to help the survivors of human trafficking.

The Mighty Aphrodite star has teamed up with her husband, Christopher Backus, her sister Amanda Sorvino and Sky Studios-backed producer Catalina Content on Transformation Ranch.

The series will look to help a group of people to get past their trauma using expert-led animal therapy, in which abused and neglected rescue animals will provide connection for the abused and neglected survivors of modern slavery.

The Sorvino sisters, Backus and a team of therapeutic experts will help on a family-run 200-acre ranch outside of Los Angeles.

Mira Sorvino, who won an Oscar for her role in the Woody Allen film and more recently starred in Condor, has served as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador to Combat Human Trafficking for UNODC since 2009.

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Her sister Amanda Sorvino is a highly respected animal rescuer and seasoned undercover investigator who has been instrumental in shutting down abusive animal enterprises.  Her 501c3 charity My Speckled Calf Rescue, focuses primarily on baby calves and equines.

Catalina, which was set up by Dance Moms producer Jeff Collins last year, is taking the project out to broadcasters and streaming platforms soon. The company has already secured over 85 hours of programming including Killer Truth for HLN.

“Overcomers of human trafficking are among the most extraordinary human beings I know – I am in constant awe of their courage, resilience and strength,” said Mira Sorvino.  “The ranch will provide a resource for them to continue to achieve their full potential in the life they were born for, not the one that was brutally thrust upon them.  We are hoping that engaging in professional therapy with some of the extraordinary animals my sister Amanda Sorvino has devoted her life to rescuing will provide them with what my overcomer friend describes as ‘next level healing.’”

Catalina Content President Jeff Collins added, “There are over 25 types of modern slavery right here in the US, and it is the second fastest growing crime in the world.  There has never been a more important time to document this tragedy.”

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