A couple has claimed that breastfeeding together has helped improve the strength of their relationship and even broadcasted the intimate event taking place on TV.

Buttons and her partner Tip shared how she enjoys letting him suck on her breasts on tonight's (October 25) bizarre new Channel 4 documentary Breastfeeding my Boyfriend.

The couple, who are dubbed the "Godfathers of the breastfeeding scene" by their loyal fanbase, said the act not only provides sexual satisfaction but also a level of comfort for both parties.

After a 15-hour night shift in a warehouse together, the couple were shown to be anxious to get home, with Button even suggesting they stop in the car so that her husband can have a quick feed.

"I hope you’re thirsty," Button teased. "Baby, I desperately need you to nurse."

Back at home, and romantically embracing on their sofa, the adult nursing session got underway.

Buttons calmly explained the satisfaction she gets from having her partner drink her milk, saying: "It feels like sinking into a warm bath, and also a feeling of contentment. I feel closer to him now than I feel during any other time.

"Kissing used to be the most intimate thing, and now this is above and beyond.

"I just feel very much in love with him, and I feel protective, and that he’s precious to me."

Exploring the origins of Tip’s desire to suckle, the couple theorised that this might be associated with his upbringing as an orphan.

"As an adult, now I kind of have theories as to why I’m so drawn to the ANR and the nursing, because I didn't get that, because I was immediately given up for adoption," Tip speculated.

"I wasn’t breastfed as a baby, and I feel like that’s probably got a little bit to do with why I’m so drawn to it now, as an adult.

"I don’t try to pretend that she’s my mother, she doesn’t try to pretend that I’m her son, it’s about being nurtured, being held, it’s about completely giving myself over to that, and just that absolute feeling of being taken care of."

The documentary, broadcast on Channel 4 this evening (October 25) also followed a couple looking to profit from the niche market of breastfeeding adult videos.

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