NCIS Hawaii: Lucy and Kate reunite over the phone

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Interest in the second season of NCIS Hawaii has been dwindling amongst fans thanks to the extended absence of Special Agent Lucy Tara (played by Yasmine Al-Bustami). After taking a new job overseas, the action-packed CBS drama has been without one of its biggest breakout stars for several weeks, and viewers are getting impatient waiting for her impending reunion with Kate Whistler (Tori Anderson).

Viewers were left frustrated when the couple failed to appear in the latest episode of NCIS: Hawaii, with some even switching off at the beginning of the episode.

In the latest instalment, Silent Invasion, Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey) took on another tense mission when she picks up on the trail of a serial killer.

Former agent Jim Carter (Jake Weber) is brought in to assist the case to try and determine whether the killer is a copycat.

While other members of the team, such as Jesse Boone (Noah Mills) and Kai Holman (Alex Tarrant) got plenty of action, Lucy and Kate were nowhere to be seen.

The agents’ relationship was a landmark moment as the first major same-sex romance for the NCIS franchise, but their story has sadly taken a backseat to the action this season.

Lucy’s absence can be explained by actress Al-Bustami taking on another role away from the series, but this hasn’t stopped NCIS fans from being any less disappointed.

@Ilene_kanfer said: “I am an early to bed early riser but make an exception on Mondays as I always look forward to NCIS: Hawaii.

“When I saw neither Yas’ nor Tori’s names in the credits, I turned it off and will watch it tomorrow.”

@maplescylla posted: “Yet another #ncishawaii episode without Lucy AND Kate = me skipping it.”

@BadCodeShoot wrote: “I’m not contributing to NCIS Hawaii’s ratings til they bring Lucy back.

“I’m not encouraging them to give me Jesse copaganda, no lesbians show nor to go eight episodes a season with no Lucy.

“They can work something else out or find the audience they’ve decided to cater to, it hasn’t been fun since Lucy left.”

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@thebigfed added: “The #ncishawaii execs are really killing my interest in the show.

“As if the #kacy drought wasn’t enough, we have to endure a bunch of episodes without Kate IN ADDITION to Lucy missing.

“But god forbid we have an episode without men. Shows how much they actually care.”

“I understand #NCISHawaii isn’t about #Kacy but my god is it frustrating, putting the pictures out, baiting us only to be let down,” @SVentoura fumed.

“And now a week’s hiatus – losing interest in the show, to be honest – bring on the 27th.”

And @fanboyca asked: “Wait. I’m halfway through the episode. Where’s Lucy? Where’s Kate?”

The poor reception from fans has started to be reflected in the show’s ratings as the second season has struggled to surpass the five million mark according to Nielsen stats.

Viewers were teased with new images from the next episode confirming Lucy and Kate’s reunion, but sadly they’ll have to wait until the show is back from its hiatus in two weeks.

NCIS: Hawaii season 2 returns Monday, February 27 on CBS in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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