Our Yorkshire Farm: Reuben reveals his GCSE results

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Amanda, 46, is known for being the shepherdess, the leading star of Our Yorkshire Farm, and the mother to nine children. Along with her husband Clive Owen, 66, she has nurtured and supported all of them, and recently, she had to contend with her eldest son Reuben’s GSCE exams being cancelled due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. However, in the latest instalment of the Channel 5 series which documents the family’s everyday life, the shepherdess discovered what her son had been awarded by his teachers.

With Reuben seen making his way back to the farm from work, the narrator explained: “[He] has arrived home to discover how the cancellation of his GCSE exams have affected his results.”

Clive was first to see his son and with the youngster set up at a laptop, the father-of-nine declared: “Mandy, come and hear the news.”

After Amanda emerged from the house, Reuben revealed that he had passed all of his classes with flying colours.

“You passed them all? Even music?” the shepherdess asked to which he stated he had and Clive went on to enquire: “So, English and maths, the two important ones?”

The youngster explained he had received a mark of six in maths, equalling a grade of a B in accordance with the old GCSE boundaries.

As Amanda wasn’t ofay with the new grade boundaries, she asked her son whether the mark of a six was good or not.

“Anything four and above is a pass. I got nothing below a four so I passed it all,” the youngster told his mother.

Looking at a few more of his results, he added: “I got a five in English language, a six in design and technology.”

Intrigued by how the new grade boundary system worked, Amanda asked: “So, what’s the best score you can get?”

Don’t go into that


“Oh, don’t go into that,” Reuben replied, shutting her request for answers down before he finally explained the new grade boundaries worked.

“Nine, but we didn’t get any of them. If we turn [the six] upside down, it might look like a nine,” the youngster concluded.

Despite the confusion over the marks, the family were full of high spirits seeing the oldest boy doing so well.

During the latest instalments of the documentary series, viewers have seen Reuben starting a new apprenticeship.

The 17-year-old is specialising in being a mechanic to fix tractors, staying in touch with his farming roots.

This has meant Reuben hasn’t spent as much time at home as he previously has, with youngster brother Sid missing his presence.

In the first episode of the new series, viewers watched as the young man spent time with his young sibling to ensure they had some memories he could enjoy.

One scene from the premiere saw the brothers restoring a trial bike before taking it out for a ride on the moors.

“That wasn’t too hard, all I needed to do was go full throttle,” Sid tells his brother as he rode the bike around the farm.

“I won’t be doing this tomorrow, I’ll be at my apprenticeship. You’ll be out on your own and I’ll be back and they’ll be 10 things on your bike to fix.

“I’ll be away five days a week. I’m very proud of you, you’ll be fine while I’m away and I’ll be back in the evenings.”

Father-of-nine Clive added: “Wherever Reuben goes Sidney goes, he’ll definitely miss him while he’s gone. It’s going to be weird without my right-hand man.”

Our Yorkshire Farm airs Tuesday at 9pm on Channel 5.

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