Our Yorkshire Farm: The children rename their new cow

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Channel 5’s farming series followed the lives of Amanda Owen and her husband Clive as they balance family life and farm duties in one of the most remote parts of Britain. The mother of nine made an interesting admission about her family.

With the help of her family, Amanda gives viewers an insight into her day-to-day life as a farmer living in the Dales.

The remarkable documentary showcases how each member of the family pulls their weight to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The series proved to be a hit as almost four million people tuned in to see what it was like living on 2,000 acres of land, owning over 900 sheep and nine children under one roof.

The family’s dynamic way of operating ensures each member knows how to care for the farm as seen when six-year-old Sidney helped fix machinery.

Despite this, Amanda made an unexpected admission in an interview with WelcometoYorkshire.com.

Speaking to Carolyn Nicoll, the farmer was asked if she would have more children and she responded: “You must bear in mind that there never was a plan.”

“There was never any family planning certainly,” she confessed.

Amanda continued: “There never has been a plan, and I think that is probably what has brought us to where we’re at now.”

“The best-laid plans and all that, you know what happens to those, so we just go with the flow, take whatever comes our way and count our blessings.”

Amanda and her husband Clive first met in 1996, when she was 21 and despite the huge difference in age, the two tied the knot in 2000.

At the time Clive would’ve been 42 years old and with more than a 20 year age gap between them, they settled down and started a family.

Although she admitted there was no planning involved, it seemed to have paid off as all nine of the children help out and are expected to work outside, no matter the weather.

Even though the most recent series saw their 16-year-old daughter leave school, The couple’s oldest child, Raven is studying at university.

Between Raven and the youngest child, Nancy there is a 15-year gap.

From youngest to oldest, the Owens children are Nancy, three, Clemmy, five, Annas, six, Sydney, eight, Violet, nine, Edith, 11, Miles,14, Reuben, 16, and Raven, 18.

Elsewhere in the interview, Amanda opened up and revealed how she and Clive first met.

She said “I was working on a dairy farm in Cumbria and the farmer had a small flock of sheep and he would borrow a ram every year off his friend, who is called Clive.

Following orders: “I drove and I drove, and I have no idea where I was going but I was coming back, and it was a homecoming as I drove back into Yorkshire,”

She added to Welcome to Yorkshire: “I drove through the water splash and up into the yard and it was really dark, so I didn’t get a right good look at Clive.”

Amanda explained a week later she received a call from her now-husband asking her on an official date and although she ignored him at first, they eventually got together.

Our Yorkshire Farm is available to watch on Channel 5.

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