Out of Her Mind has almost arrived with comedian Sara Pascoe at the reigns. The six-part series will delve into the problems of relationships, weddings, and pregnancy among other issues. So will there be a second series soon on the way?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Out of Her Mind.

In sitcom Out of Her Mind, Pascoe plays a version of herself alongside fictional versions of some of her loved ones.

Joining Pascoe in the cast are Fiona Button as her sister, Cariad Lloyd as her best friend and Juliet Stevenson as the comedian’s mum.

While the story may not be based on real events, the thought process of Pascoe’s character in the series conveys her own feelings on the topic of love and staring a family.

Despite eagerly avoiding the traditional way of life, the comedian finds herself surrounded by everything she doesn’t believe in.

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A description from the BBC reads: “Sara Pascoe doesn’t know why everyone else in the world is pairing up and having babies and sets out on a mission to understand them.

“She tries to prove that romantic love is mere chemicals and conditioning and doesn’t deserve our respect.

“This conflicts a little with preparations for her sister’s wedding, and her best friend’s first pregnancy.

“The show is a full-hearted, full-brained approach to narrative comedy with characters that are full of life (apart from one ghost).”

Will there be another series of Out of Her Mind?

As of writing this article, Out of Her Mind has not been renewed for a second season.

There is just one series which will start airing on BBC Two this evening, Tuesday, October 20, at 10pm.

After the initial episode is shown, Out of Her Mind will continue airing weekly.

But this doesn’t mean there won’t be another series of the sitcom on the way.

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Out of Her Mind hasn’t even started yet on BBC Two so it is still very early days.

The channel may decide to give the comedy the greenlight for another season, depending on how the first six episodes are received by audiences. will update this article once more information has been revealed about the show’s future.

Pascoe also was eager to use her new platform to openly discuss abortion, a topic which she doesn’t believe is talked about enough.

Speaking to The Independent, Pascoe said: “When society has a binary conversation about abortion, there isn’t room for people who go: ‘I have very conflicted feelings because it was the right thing for me but it’s still a sad thing or a thing I wish hadn’t happened.’

“People who have a termination are often seen as selfish, as aggressors who can’t ever let the softness in.

“You’re not allowed to go ‘I did it. Oh, and it tore me to pieces.’

“We don’t have any room for that side of the conversation.”

Out of Her Mind will start tonight, Tuesday, October 20, at 10pm on BBC Two.

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