Outer Banks: Netflix releases trailer for second season

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Madelyn Cline will be back on screens as Sarah Cameron in the highly anticipated second season of the breakout Netflix hit. Production for season three of Outer Banks is hoped to get underway soon, but the actress admitted there’s one thing she always dreads filming.

Ahead of the show’s second season release this Friday, Madelyn Cline has opened up about the challenges of portraying Outer Banks’ rebellious Kook, Sarah Cameron.

In a video interview with Seventeen, Cline was asked whether swimming or running scenes were harder to film for the series.

As the beach-set thriller features several instances of both, they each present their own unique challenges.

However, Cline surprised fans when she revealed running scenes were actually harder than shooting in the water.

The Outer Banks star told Seventeen: “I’m going to go with running.

“I’m not a strong runner. I did grow up swimming, growing up I went to the beach all the time.”

Much like her character Sarah Cameron, Cline grew up on the east coast of the US, though was born in South Carolina as opposed to Sarah’s home state of NC.

This meant she was much more accustomed to swimming in the oceans compared to running on the sandy beaches of OBX.

“I’m incredibly comfortable in water, but running…?” She then shook her head and added: “Mm-mm. I dread it. I absolutely dread it.”

Sadly, running scenes are a common occurrence in both Outer Banks’ first season and the upcoming follow-up releasing on Netflix this week.

Madelyn Cline revealed she had to run for much longer than she was used to thanks to the show’s camera set-up.

She explained: “We’ll do a lot of drone shots in the show. And a lot of times they’ll have us run on the drone shots.”

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“Because it is such a wide view of the surroundings, they’ll have us run, like, super super long distances to get these shots and make it look like we’re running, we’re weaving in and out.

“By the end of it I’m absolutely winded. And then we have to go back and reset, and do it all again.”

Like all television productions, the actors will have to film each scene multiple times until the showrunners find the best take for the final edit.

This means Cline and her co-stars could have clocked up several hours of running time each week, an impressive feat for even the most in-shape performers.

Luckily for Madelyn Cline, Outer Bank’s second season will kick off in the water as both Sarah and John B (played by Chase Stokes) were capsized by a storm in the last episode.

Unfortunately, the new trailer has confirmed there’ll still be plenty of running coming their way.

One clip confirms the pair will be on the run from the police as John B is still wanted for a murder he didn’t commit.

Hopefully the missing couple will be reunited with their fellow Pogues shortly into the new season and Cline can hang up her running shoes for the time being.

Outer Banks season 2 will be released on Friday, July 30 on Netflix.

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