PHIL Collins' ex-wife has accused him of SPYING on her via secret cameras hidden in her bathroom and changing room.

Orianne Cevey has made the claims in explosive new court documents as their bitter legal feud gets under way in Florida.

She wants £15million – half the value of his Miami Beach mansion, where she is currently holed up with new toyboy husband Thomas Bates, 31.

And the 46-year-old jewellery designer called Collins, 69, "callous" for his lawsuit to have her removed from the property and relocated to her Las Vegas home.

The claims have emerged as the former couple take their row before a judge.

The pair, who were married for 12 years and have two sons together, divorced in 2008 with a record $47million settlement.

But in 2016 they announced they were back together and living in the $33m waterfront mansion in Miami.

Earlier this month, it emerged they had split again after Collins discovered she had married musician Bates in Vegas while he was in Europe.

He has sued to have the pair removed from the property – and says the pair are "trespassers" who have taken over the home with armed guards "through a show of force".

Cevey says the lawsuit is based on a 'shameful, fabricated story'.

And they accused him of trying to 'strip them of all their belongings except the clothes from their backs'.

In his lawsuit, Collins accused her of covering up security cameras in the house in a bid to stop him seeing what's happening in his home.

But shockingly, in legal documents Cevey claims the cameras were installed to keep watch on her.

"I discovered approximately twenty hidden cameras throughout the family home, including in my personal bathroom and changing room," she says in the affidavit.

"These cameras were installed without my knowledge or consent.

"I covered these cameras with band-aids in order to preserve my privacy and the privacy of my children in the family home.

"I was greatly disturbed and outraged that Mr Collins apparently requested that hidden cameras be installed in these rooms."

In another filing, her legal team accuse Collins of trying to 'spy on (Cevey) during her most private moments'.

Earlier this week it emerged that Cevey had a close two-year friendship with a male stripper while she lived with the superstar.

She reportedly took him on trips to Europe and “lavished money on him,” a source said.

But the friendship ended in May and Cevey revealed she was “heartbroken” over someone she “cared about”.

After her shock wedding to her new husband, she broke the news to Collins by text.

In the message, she said she had “found someone and would like to try to see if I can be happy again”.

She identified the man solely by the name “Thomas”.

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