RICHARD Hammond has revealed the key reason why he will never try to compete with Jeremy Clarkson as his eagerly anticipated car show launched earlier this week.

Richard and Jeremy sparked up a close friendship during their 16-year stint on BBC’s flagship Top Gear series, alongside fellow car enthusiast James May.

Following their overwhelming success and popularity on the show, Jeremy has gone from strength to strength after becoming the host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, as well as featuring in his recent hit series Clarkson’s Farm.

And now Richard is attempting to follow in his footsteps after launching his new show Richard Hammond’s Workshop, which revolves around the 51-year-old attempting to build a successful car restoration business.

Speaking exclusively with The Sun’s TV Mag, Richard revealed the ins and outs of the new series.

“This workshop project came about before the TV show, it’s a genuine passion project,” Richard explained.

“Neil and Anthony, who are father and son, have been restoring my cars for years, they are incredibly talented and have been running out of a tiny little workshop in Hertfordshire.

“I wanted a workshop to enable them to do work to the level they are capable of, so we set off to do it.

“In the early stages of the process, I thought it might make a nice TV show, so we got it commissioned at Discovery.

“It’s very much not a produced TV show, the cameras follow us on this sometimes nightmarish journey as we get the business going.”

Richard, who shot to fame after trying and testing cars alongside Jeremy, even admitted the one reason as to why he doesn’t want the show to compete and come between the pair.

“This show, it’s a slightly different kind of show I suspect, it’s got a slightly different feel to it,” he added.

“What I’m trying to say is that I would never try and compete with Jeremy on a TV show because he is Jeremy Clarkson, but it’s interesting that those parallels were happening at the same time.

“He is genuinely and, genuinely always has been, passionate about his farm and I’ve always been passionate about classic cars and the restoration of them.”

Richard Hammond’s Workshop is now available to watch on Discovery+. Read more of his interview with TV Mag by picking up your free copy in this Saturday's The Sun.

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