On the Dec 19 episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown said that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic broke the family. He says it’s reduced the Brown family to “sad, sorry, lonely, little people.”

Kody enforces strict COVID rules for the family

Throughout Sister Wives Season 16, Kody has struggled to get all of his wives on board for following the same rules regarding lockdown. Kody is trying to avoid spreading coronavirus throughout the family by essentially locking down with his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, and her children.

Kody has been socially distancing from Christine and Janelle. Janelle has been abiding by the rules. However, her eldest sons Gabrial and Garrison can’t stay home due to school and work. Kody suggests that Janelle kick out the eldest boys so that they don’t risk contaminating the whole family. However, Janelle refuses to do that.

Kody COVID reduced his family to ‘sad sorry lonely little people’

Meri talked about her life without the rest of the family. She said, “It’s lonely. I live alone.” She explains, “I just miss my family.” Christine says, “If I didn’t have my girls with me during this whole COVID thing, I’m sure I would have been going insane.”

Robyn says, “It’s funny cause I actually do feel lonely through COVID. I’m isolated from the rest of the family and from my brothers and sisters and my parents and then my friends too.”

Kody says, “The fact is, I’ve got four wives who, during COVID, have chosen not to interact with each other. They’re mad about it, but they’re not even calling each other on the phone. They’re not even using video media to talk to each other.” He concludes, “COVID has revealed us. And we are sad, sorry, lonely, little people.”

The sister wives relationships are struggling

Despite Janelle hanging out with Christine, it seems that’s not the case with Meri. Janelle admits, “I would say, not as often as I should. I do try to at least text Meri or call her. It’s not on the regular. It’s not every week.”

Kody tells the cameras, “I always saw one of the main benefits of plural marriage is that anybody in the family would never actually suffer true loneliness. But the way things have played out for our family, that’s not necessarily true. My relationship with Meri is not the kind of relationship where I am going to talk with her every day.” He says, “And my best guess is that her sister wives don’t feel like having an interaction with her daily either.”

The coronavirus pandemic has been a significant cause of many Brown family’s problems in recent years. Sister Wives fans believe that Christine leaving her marriage to Kody was another casualty of the coronavirus. It appears that the separation between the families is only getting worse. Sister Wives airs Sundays on TLC and discovery+.

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