Pete Davidson and Saturday Night Live host Timothée Chalamet played a hip-hop duo that drew the ire of Questlove in the show’s “Rap Roundtable” sketch.

In the sketch, Davidson and Chalamet play Guaplord and $mokecheddathaassgetta, young rappers invited to a hip-hop panel alongside Queen Latifah (Punkie Johnson) and the Roots drummer.

During the serious discussion about rap music today — “Hip-hop is about the lyrical tradition of America,” Questlove says — the duo clash with the established artists and overtake the conversation with proclamations of “the ye” and their complete ignorance about the history of hip-hop.

The duo eventually perform a remix to one of their songs, which forces Questlove to jump from his chair and slap Davidson’s character. “No! You don’t sing like that on a rap record,” Questlove yells. After calming down, Questlove then slaps Chalamet. “Dumbass, pissing me off.”

The sketch was reminiscent of Questlove’s previous SNL appearance in 2017, when he dismissed a similarly hip-hop-oblivious rapper (also played by Davidson) named Lil Doo Doo:

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